A pre-wedding photoshoot is an excellent way to get to know a photographer better and also for the photographer to understand their client’s personality in a better way. It is also an ideal way to get comfortable in front of the camera, which prepares the couple for their wedding day. Best Photographer in Gurgaon suggests the quick pointers that will help the couples from searching the photographer to selecting them until the actual shoot.

Mentioning below the 5 points to an awesome pre-wedding shoot :

1. To find a photographer that matches your style :

The very first thing a couple needs is to book a photographer who can showcase their personality. If the couple is impressed with any photos they can show to the photographer so that the photographer gets the idea of their client’s taste. Once a couple can visualize themselves in the photographer’s existing body of work they have found the right match for their photoshoot. Studio Pearl is the best pre wedding photographers in Gurgaon that display their best talent in capturing the couple’s everlasting memories.

2. The questions to ask from the Photographer :

After looking at hundreds of portfolios, once couples are ready to book a photographer, they should remember to ask the following questions:

a) Is he/she still available on a particular date.

b) The booking amount & paperwork required to confirm the date.

c) Understanding the Location and Timings.

d) The logistics involved and the arrangements that you might have to make for the photographer and their team.

e) Venue Permissions

f) Asking them about the add-on costs like Prints, Graphics, save-the-date, announcement, text, Photo Books, e-books, Fusion Videos, etc.

After all the discussions when the client and the photographer both are comfortable with everything then the client should go ahead and confirm the bookings. Most of the professional photographer in Gurgaon will not discuss the details & plans for the shoot without a formal confirmation & the booking amount. So the client must be very sure about going ahead with the right photographer and must study his/her work thoroughly in advance.

3. The Preparation of the shoot :

After going through the difficult task of finding the right photographer,  a couple should be serious about their dresses for the shoot. They need to pack extra clothes for the shoot. Couples must stick to the options that have been discussed with their photographer. Photographers can show their client the kind of styling advice he has to offer them. Even if the couples don’t have time to go shopping for the shoot they can pick their favorites and most classy clothes.

Couples can hire a photographer  to go to the most exotic locations. The look of the couple will make or break the shoot. Although a photographer is not a stylist, unless you plan to hire one for your shoot, then also the photographer remains the best person to assist you with this.

4. Different Locations for the shoot :

The location also plays an important role in pre-wedding photoshoots as if the couples are confident they can go outdoors, to more crazy & popular locations like marketplaces, forts & tourist spots, public gardens, etc. If couples wish to stay in the exotic property they have to get permission to shoot at that location. By doing so they will get the best of both worlds: Privacy & beautiful backdrops. Those couples who are a little shy in front of the camera, and get conscious of the fact that people might stop and stare they can choose a more secluded place, like a beach or farmhouse, or an old location that is not on the tourist map, the back area of the apartment building, or simply the terrace or garden.

5. Get Set go for the shoot :

After the task of finding the proper photographer, the location, clothes selection, and logistics, etc. Couples are ready to take some awesome pictures. Now, this is the time when the photographer can take control, while the couple can let go & should trust his creativity. They should just stop worrying about how they are looking in a picture instead they should focus on having a good time with each other. They must use their energy to show how much fun they can have together in their pictures. So they must focus on that rather than worrying about what the photographer is doing or if he/she is making you look awkward or putting you in silly poses. The couple should always remember that they booked the photographer because they liked his/her work in the first place.

Couples should always treat the shoot with some respect. They should keep their phone off and should schedule their day in such a way that they have some free time. It is advisable to spend a few extra hours sleeping well the previous night. They should reach the location on time & give the photographer the 90 mins he asked for. Also, they should consider the above-mentioned five points before looking forward to a pre-wedding shoot. Studio Pearl is one of the most renowned photographers in Gurgaon that  makes their client comfortable before the shoot and also provides them with the everlasting memories to recall again.

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