Best Business Leader in Bangladesh – Golam Murshed

Golam Murshed is a prominent figure in the Bangladeshi business and electronics industry. He is the managing director and CEO of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. His contributions in the business sector have made him a leading entrepreneur and an inspiration to many. Besides, being a mechanical engineer, he is simultaneously adept at business transformation and entrepreneurship. His unparalleled professional skills and ardent effort have made him the youngest MD in the global electronics industry.


A Brief Introduction to Walton Hi-Tech Industries


Bangladesh’s technology industry is fairly new compared to the other sectors and is still in the developing stage. One of the most renowned tech companies is Walton. Walton is a Bangladeshi conglomerate headquartered in Gazipur. It is made up of a number of subsidiaries and linked businesses, the majority of which are grouped under the Walton brand. Walton Motors, Walton Mobile, Walton Electronics, and Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited are among the company’s subsidiaries. In the past ten years, Walton has progressed at an unimaginable speed and surpassed many local industries. Golam Murshed, the Managing Director of the company has played a prominent role in making it possible.


Early Life and Education of the MD


Golam Murshed was born in an eminent family in Chapainawabganj, located in the northwest part of the country. He completed his SSC from the local Harimohan Govt. High School and relocated to Dhaka for higher education. He attended HSC as a student of Notre Dame College in 2006 and successfully graduated from Islamic University of Technology as a mechanical engineer in 2010.


Beginning of a Successful Career


Murshed joined Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. As an assistant engineer on December 20, 2010; only 17 days after his graduation. He started his journey with Walton in the air condition research and development division and but it was just the beginning. A desk job as a designer wasn’t quite appealing to him so he was soon moved to the production sector. His relevant skills earned him the position of production manager. From that point on, he never had to look back again.


Journey to becoming the CEO of Walton


He was one of the pioneers of Walton AC Production. The production sector flourished with his being in charge for two consecutive two years. But the drive to do something more dynamic and challenging led him to join the refrigerator production sector. He fearlessly accepted the most intricate and demanding responsibility and excelled at it. Under his management, the production doubled in the span of a year.


Observing his proficiency in business management and strategic development for two years, the authority appointed him to the business operations sector. His consistent success at the job earned him the position of CEO of the Walton Fridge Department. The profit margin increased by a large extent in this period.


Murshed’s success stories don’t end here, his remarkable performance only improved with time. He went on to become the additional managing director of the company. After three months, the authority decided to make him the managing director.


Notable Certifications and Achievements


Murshed completed courses on accounting for non-accountants and corporate governance from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. He also attended a workshop on strategic planning arranged by DEG in 2019. He is an external member of the Executive Committee of the Bureau of Business Research, at FBS, University of Dhaka. He is also a Chartered Member of CILT.


Murshed is the President of Bangladesh Electrical, Electronics, and Home Appliances Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BEEMEA). Walton won the “President’s Award for Industrial Development 2019” which was handed to him.


The Secret to Becoming the Best Business Leader in Bangladesh


“Success is not a miracle, it is a journey of dedication” – said Golam Murshed about his stellar career and unprecedented business success. Joining a renowned company as an assistant engineer and rising through to become the CEO – is not an easy task. It is the culmination of years of hard work and consistent efforts. Murshed was never afraid of taking risks and aiming high, instead, he was always eager to take up new challenges. Walton’s industry improved significantly under his management.


As a mechanical engineer, he was proficient in industrial production and designing. But he had numerous other skills and strategies that made him the best business leader, in merely 10 years after his graduation. Murshed has aggressive marketing strategies and business transformation ideas which assisted him to handle Walton so conveniently. His unique leadership skills and strategic planning helped the industry to reach many milestones. He successfully acquired an air conditioner plant from China, various refrigerator manufacturing plants from Taiwan and Vietnam – which have tremendously benefited the company. He also made an agreement on utilizing an Open cell manufacturing facility in China. His visionary steps have made a notable impact on the business sector of Bangladesh. In his words, there is no alternative for perseverance when it comes to being successful.


Interests and Plans for the Future


Murshed is currently busy working to make WALTON an international brand by 2025 and is planning on representing Bangladesh as a technologically efficient country. In order to reach this goal, the company has already begun compressor manufacturing. As a result of the company’s rigorous efforts, Bangladesh has been enlisted as the 15th country in the honorary list of compressor manufacturing countries. Walton is reaching out to worldwide markets after achieving domestic supremacy, and its products are being exported to many parts of the globe.


Murshed is also interested in entrepreneurship and encourages the young generation to focus on achieving entrepreneurial skills besides receiving academic education. He is a big enthusiast when it comes to the Promotion of Innovations and Youths. He has taken many SDG initiatives and is working to make a greener Bangladesh possible. He is also working for stakeholder empowerment and is involved in many social activities. Murshed is truly a figure of inspiration for the youths who strive to succeed in the technology industry and business world.




Golam Murshed has quite literally started a revolution in the tech industry by bringing out innovative production ideas and business schemes. His visionary planning and unparalleled business strategies combined have opened the door to innumerable possibilities. Walton products have gained global recognition and it is a matter of pride for Bangladesh. And the man who made all of it possible is none but Golam Murshed.

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