Birthday Party celebration ideas and theme party

Birthdays are always special days. Celebrating a birthday is a way to show affection and love for the one whose birthday is being celebrated. Be it a 1-year-old or an 80-year-old adult. Birthday party celebrations are a great way to bring everyone together – family and friends and enjoy. You can engage a birthday theme decor planner in Gurgaon.

Birthday Party celebrations are really important. Skipping them is never an option, however small the celebrations may be. Some reasons can be:

  1. Appreciating and honouring the child – letting the child know that how important he or she is in the family and how everything they wish can be fulfilled on that day. This gives immense joy and happiness to the little kids as they step into this world with happy memories.
  2. Beautiful memories are created– Celebrating birthdays are beautiful moments where the child gets to be treated in a special way. They dress up and parents make their children feel special by preparing their favourite dish or organising the desired birthday gift.
  3. It’s about friends and childhood friendships– Kids love their friends. Their joy knows no boundaries when they get to celebrate it with their age group of friends. Long lasting friendships foster and leave many pictures and photographs for the child to cherish in the coming years.

Pearl Events is one of the prominent event management companies in Gurgaon.  Birthday party events revolve around various themes according to the child’s age. The event planners always prioritize themes, concerning the kids the favourite TV show or favourite character or toy or dish that a child is obsessed about. Toddlers in the age group of 1 to 3 years are always into their favourite cartoons or characters. Kids’ life revolves around them. Parents also love to see their kids enjoying these characters or themes come alive.

  1. Some of the popular and unique themes for kids of age 1 to 3 years can be –
  2. Mad hatter party: The crazy hat theme party is unique in celebrating a tea-time event. The kids love finger foods and drinks of their choice. Salads, French fries, and sandwiches are easy and simple for little children.
  3. Bubble party: Bubble machines, bubble guns are a favorite of little children. A small pool filled with bubble solutions with wands of different shapes will keep the little ones busy and entertained.
  4. Favourite character party- Kids are fond of many characters like Superman, Batman, Avengers, Doremon, Elsa, Cinderella, Pikachu, etc. They either dress up and the event can be decorated with character accessories and a character cake to keep the fun rolling.
  5. Favorite stuffed animal party – stuffed toys are also liked by kids. Each kid has a favorite stuffed toy that they can bring to the party and enjoy with their playmates.
  6. Glow in the dark theme – a visual spectacle for kids when they see bright, colourful, neon-coloured objects -decorated and glowing in the dark. Face painting and neon balloons make kids happy.
  7. Run around in the ground party – A simple fun way to celebrate is to let the children be the way they are. You can take them to an open park or their favourite playground and let them enjoy themselves in the sand or mud.  An outdoor venue can be tricky but a familiar playground will make kids have double the fun.
  8. Musical rock and roll – let your child take the centre stage and show off the singing skills. Play guitar and play games, get tattooed, etc.
  9. Nursery Rhyme party – All little kids love the nursery rhymes. You can organise an event inspired by their favourite rhyme.
  10. Jungle Jamboree – Jungle hats, animal decorations, balloons, and cake all make way for such a grand party. Storytelling and short movie are the best way to engage kids in this theme party. The best event planner in Delhi NCR can bring this theme beautifully.
  11. Magic show and Puppet show: the most endearing and engaging of all themes is a magic show. Kids get distracted and get bored very soon. A magic show and a puppet show are sure ways to keep the child in rapt attention.
  12. Fancy dress party: Kids get to dress up as their favourite character. A fashion show can be planned and let the kids walk the ramp on their favourite music.

There are so many themes to make your child’s birthday a memorable event. Apart from planning perfect birthday parties, Pearl Event is also recognized as one of the best wedding planners in India.

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