Cavansite Jewelry Vs Pyrite Jewelry – Identifying Different Qualities

Cavansite Jewelry Vs Pyrite Jewelry - Identifying Different Qualities

The basic hues of canvasite jewelry, like that elegant piece of canvasite pendant or canvasite necklace, would usually have a bluish-green hue. This colouration grade can include a wide variety of colours, ranging from being a pale blue to bluish-green or even with a touch of a greenish-brown colour that looks gorgeous and stunning. Although in most cases, the exact hue of canvasite jewelry is usually influenced by the location from where the stone has been excavated and mined.

This bluish to greenish beauty of canvsite jewelry goes quite well with precious metals like gold, silver and also with high-valued gemstones like diamonds, sapphires as well as with the bluish sheen lending aquamarine jewelry.

The choice of the colour while cherry-picking canvasite jewelry is usually influenced by the personal preference of the wearer. However, if you are straightforwardly looking for the most precious and cheerful colour of canvasite jewelry, then nothing better than adorning yourself with the striking bluish to greenish shaded canvasite jewelry as this range of colouration is the most valuable and attractive. As cited by jewelry lovers worldwide. Add a touch of classiness and flamboyance to your gemstone jewelry collection with exquisite and colourful canvasite jewelry.

Often, the most common hue that you will come across while looking out for pyrite jewelry would be a cheerful and luminous brassy yellow colour.

Due to its resemblance to the colour of precious gold jewelry, it is also quite famous as the “Fool’s gold” in the gemstone jewelry market. Besides its original yellowish hue, some other prominent and notable hues of pyrite jewelry in the market are brownish-yellow, greenish-pink as well as the most iconic shade of the lavender black.

Further, the colour of pyrite jewelry is also affected by the presence of copper and silver in its overall composition. High amount of these metals usually leads to the dominance of an additional greenish to silver-grey shade.

In order to enhance its overall beauty and give it different effects, pyrite jewelry is often coated. Or, if you really wish to flaunt over your gemstone jewelry choice, then consider complimenting pyrite jewelry, like that stupendous pyrite pendant or pyrite necklace with gold or silver jewelry.


Alike different gemstones, the clarity of canvasite is also influenced by the area of its excavation as well as the degree of the visibility of impurities within the crystal. However, mostly canvasite jewelry can be often found in a translucent to opaque form.

The most precious and high-quality canvasite jewelry, like that shimmering and elegant canvasite ring would be available in a slightly transparent form. It means that the top-graded specimens would be free of cracks and blemishes and would lend a crystal-clear beauty that would indeed attract you towards it.

As far as pyrite jewelry is concerned, clarity is not a major factor that drives the decision of the buyer. Its exquisite and marvellous colour combos and alluring designs actually intrigues the buyer to try on that pyrite ring.

Nevertheless, pyrite is usually found in semi-translucent to opaque form. The rarest form of pyrite jewelry would usually occur in a transparent state. It would be completely free of any inclusions and impurities and would allow light to pass through its crystal. Such a divine and miraculous view fore folds the elegance and beauty of pyrite jewelry.

In some cases, to take the beauty of the pyrite to next level, it may be exposed to certain treatment or enhancement processes that could indeed improve its overall clarity and elegance. For instance, some rare specimens can be treated with chemicals or could be exposed to heat, thereby lending an iridescent to metallic finish.


A mineral gemstone with a lustre which is quite similar to that of a glassy mineraloid like quartz or feldspar, the lustre of canvasite jewelry is often described as slightly vitreous to glassy after providing a perfect finishing touch. To save this vitreous lustre over the time from all types of dust and dirt particles lingering out in the environment out there, canvasite jewelry is often cute down in cabochon form that can also protect the stone from scratches and other potential threats and dangers.

Canvansite’s glassy shine may provide a lovely lustre and depth to jewelry creations, especially when coupled with other materials like silver or gold. However, the overall appearance and worth of canvansite jewelry is frequently influenced by a mix of criteria such as the stone’s quality, the craftsmanship of the jewelry piece, and the designer’s or brand’s reputation.

The Lustre of pyrite jewelry is one its most distinctive and potent characteristics. Usually, this lustre if often found to be metallic in nature. Similar to that of gold or other similar metallic objects. Further, this metallic lustre of pyrite jewelry can also be enhanced to look even alluring and satisfactory through various treatment techniques and coating. But on a flip side, these artificial treatment processes like iridescence or oxidation can leave a negative impact over the durability of the stone.

Hardness and Durability

Canvansite has a Mohs hardness rating of 4.5 to 5.5, making it a relatively soft mineral when compared to other gemstones typically used in jewelry, such as diamonds or sapphires.

Because of its suppleness, canvansite is more prone to scratches and damage if not properly cared for, especially if worn regularly or exposed to strong chemicals or abrasive materials. It is critical to handle canvansite jewelry with care and to avoid exposing it to severe temperatures or fast temperature changes.

When not in use, canvansite jewelry should be stored in a soft pouch or jewelry box and cleaned carefully with a soft cloth or brush and light soap and water. Pyrite has a Mohs hardness rating of 6 to 6.5, making it a moderately hard mineral in comparison to other gemstones typically used in jewelry.

Because of its hardness, pyrite is less prone to scratches and damage than softer minerals such as canvansite or fluorite. However, pyrite jewelry should be handled with care and should not be exposed to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

When not in use, pyrite jewelry should be stored in a soft pouch or jewelry box and cleaned gently with a soft cloth or brush and light soap and water. Proper care and maintenance can help to keep pyrite jewelry looking beautiful and lasting for years.


Average price of canvasite jewelry in the market is between $3-$10 per caret in the market. For pyrite jewelry, the selling price is close to around $20-$80 per caret.

Wrapping Up.

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