Enabling Developer Mode in Samsung Smart TV in 5 Easy Steps

Enabling Developer Mode in Samsung Smart TV in 5 Easy Steps

For a remarkable 16 years, until 2022, Samsung Electronics remained the leading TV manufacturer in the world. Samsung’s accomplishment with TV devices boosts the business for smart TVs in the same way. Samsung is now the world’s top manufacturer of smart TVs, with a 29.4% market share.

As a result, it is logical to assume that a sizeable percentage of Smart TV users own a Samsung Smart TV in their personal homes or workplaces. This achievement is partly due to Samsung’s innovative hardware and ground-breaking technology, which greatly enhance the user experience.

Therefore, it is quite understandable that you would prefer a Samsung smart TV. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, you should anticipate that your clients will use a Samsung Smart TV to access your content. At any rate, whether you are a Samsung TV developer or an M&E entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’ll need to understand how to enable developer mode on Samsung Smart TVs.

Why does Developer Mode need to be enabled on Samsung Smart TVs?

The typical TV watcher is unlikely to be concerned about activating developer mode on a smart TV. However, as a developer, it could be necessary when testing programs on specific devices. However, even if you simply use a Samsung Smart TV for viewing, you might be curious about how to turn on developer mode. I’ll tell you why.

Tizen is an operating system made by Samsung Electronics. Samsung smartphones and wearables operate on Android and Wear OS, respectively; hence, Samsung Smart TVs are the main application for Tizen OS. Tizen, a specialized operating system, is the only platform supported by Samsung’s Smart TVs. Tizen is a superior operating system based on architecture, and it improves the hardware’s technical prowess compared to Samsung.

The problem is that, unlike Android, Tizen OS is not a widely used platform. Web, as well as TV apps, are typically made with Android in mind for the most part. Users may occasionally have trouble finding their chosen programs within the Tizen Store. If you have a Samsung Smart TV and work for a business that caters to Smart TV users and creates Tizen apps for a company platform, you might be required to launch the APK files of the apps you choose. To carry out either of these actions, you must know how to enable the Samsung Smart TV’s Developer Mode.

The steps to enable developer mode will be discussed in this blog.

Why would a Samsung Smart TV user need third-party apps?

It is quite a pitfall that Tizen clearly misses the mark compared to Android when it comes to app support. Owing to the tens of thousands of apps that Android supports, you have a wide range of app options. The Tizen Appstore offers a smaller selection of apps, in contrast. Unlike others, which offer a selection of both paid and free apps from their app stores, all Tizen apps are available for free download.

However, it’s important to remember that Tizen has a built-in internet browser, something that even Android TV does not. Samsung’s Internet Browser is included with Tizen for a smooth web browsing experience. Android TV lacks a built-in web browser, although Chrome, a trademark of Google, is one of the best options right now. To receive the same fantastic Chrome experience that everyone adores, you can load Chrome on any Tizen-operated TV set.

Additionally, it is useful to have third-party apps on Samsung TVs, as Tizen has a good search algorithm. Android TV includes a clever auto-suggestion algorithm that, even if the choices are initially a little inaccurate, eventually learns from your preferences and can offer you some really great content recommendations. Tizen OS’s lack of the ability to quickly access frequently used apps makes it even less sophisticated than Android TV’s auto-suggest.

What functions does a Samsung Smart TV’s Developer Mode offer?

  • You can install.apk files for programs with your Samsung Smart TV and then use them as ordinary apps, as I’ve already said. To accomplish this, you must go to the TV’s developer mode and acquire the file from a particular location. In a subsequent blog post, the specifics of how to correctly install a third-party program on your Samsung Smart TV will be detailed. Follow this space to learn more!
  • To connect a Samsung Smart TV to a computer where you might be creating a Tizen app, you must first switch to developer mode. To test your application prototype on a TV device, you would need this.

Let’s finally get to the steps for enabling Developer Mode on a Samsung Smart TV without further ado.

How do I activate the developer mode on a Samsung smart TV?

To activate developer mode on your TV, just follow these simple steps in the settings menu:

  • Navigate to Smart Hub > Apps.
  • The “magic sequence” to input is 12345.
  • Switch on developer mode.
  • Enter the IP address of the computer system.
  • Select OK to restart the TV device.

I’m done now. This would effectively activate Developer Mode on a Samsung Smart TV.

How do I connect a Samsung Smart TV to your computer?

You must finish the connecting process between the TV and computer on the computer end if you wish to install.apk files or execute your Tizen project.

Here, I demonstrate how to use Tizen Studio to link your TV in order to execute a Tizen project:

  • Select Remote Device Manager under Device Manager in Tizen Studio.
  • Within the Remote Device Manager window’s top right corner, click the plus sign.
  • Manually fill up the fields at the Add Device pop-up with the required remote device and network details. Next, click Add.
  • The Remote Device Manager window would now display your TV device. Turn it on by clicking.

Your computer system and TV are now successfully connected!


And that’s everything for now! Activating Developer Mode on a Samsung TV only takes five simple steps. When your TV is in developer mode, you can use it for much more than just watching television. I hope you find it straightforward and easy to follow my guide.

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