Exclusive Tips for Maintaining and Preventing Your Rug from Damage

Rug is a wonderful investment defining interior space, enhancing the beauty, ambiance and decor and protecting the floor respectively. While it reflects a lot about person’s taste, choice and preferences it sets an aesthetic standard deeming special attention and care.

Read on this blog to know some important tips to maintain and prevent your rugs from damage.

Tips for rug maintenance

Follow these tips to maintain the rug in an efficient manner considering various fundamental aspects at the same time:

  • Regular rotation 

    There are experts stating you should rotate the rugs once in every 2 years. But you will receive better result by rotating it every month once you place it in the area receiving high foot traffic for even distribution of wear and tear. In fact it delivers the rug uniform value and appearance even out.

  • Never expose it to direct sunlight 

    Don’t make the rug comes into contact with direct sunlight in order to retain its appearance for long. Otherwise, it will fade the dye making it pale. Also place it in such places which don’t receive direct sunlight for prevention of rug against premature fading.  Or else, rotate it often for ensuring even fading out all over the rug.

  • Flip the rug often 

    Often rugs come with fringes design that tangle and twist easily. Therefore, you must separate and release them whenever you can. Otherwise, it will lead to damaged rug. Also flipping the rug frequently can straighten out the fringes naturally.Just grab the ends of the rig and walk over to other end. Shake a bit to straighten out its fringes.

  • Daily vacuuming 

    Vacuum the rug daily alike you do for the carpets. It prevents its natural fibres bearing excessive traffic and footprints from extensive damage. Further it gives additional protection against tears and wears too.

  • Spot cleaning 

    Every rug develops stain easily. So, you must spot clean after every spill takes place on its surface. First of all, dab the stain using a dry and clean cloth for absorbing excessive liquid.Avoid using any regular cleaning products including bleach and soap as it can create significant damage. In case water can’t help you out then reach out to the professional cleaner immediately for better and effective outcome.

  • Use the padding 

    Installation pad underneath the rug assists in assuring its shape, stability by protecting it from wrinkles. Even it enhances the value of the rug making it comfortable and safe for use.

  • Change the pathways 

    If you want to prevent the rug from wearing down in a specific area then make sure you rearrange the furniture on it often. You can do so in an interval of 6 months and this will change the pathway makes it to wear down evenly. It will increase its durability at the same time.

  • Professional cleaning 

    Once every 3-5 year you must seek professional help to wash the rug. This prevents the deposition of dirt and soil restoring its natural fibres perfectly. By hiring professional rug cleaners you can extend the longevity of the rug for maintaining its high quality and softness in the long run.

  • Airing out 

    Never let the rug absorbs moisture as it leads to have devastating effect by forming mildew and mould. Stop the accumulation of moisture on carpet as it will lessen the odour. So, after every wash hang it out for some hours to let it dries up completely.

Prevention tips from stains

The following tips will incorporate you to save your rug from unnecessary and stubborn stains:

  • Apply the protectant 

    Application of protectant will prevent the rugs from stains. The components of protectant bond with fibres easily repelling the external pollutants and spills. It is available in spray form which you can use easily without any sort of professional help.However, rugs manufacture in different ways and so you have to be tricky and smart with its application. You can speak to any rug expert for the advice to spray it in best possible manner. Just share the material information of the rug; whether it is sisal, wool, nylon or any others.

    Professional cleaner will spray the protectant in correct manner ensuring maximum coverage. In case of change in texture and colour of the rug they will give immediate and efficient remedy.

  • Put off the shoes outside 

    Households must practice to take off the shoes outside before entering inside. Keep the shoe box outside for storing the slippers and shoes of visitors and family. By this way you can protect the rug from daily outdoor traffic. Keeping floor mat at the entrance can do the work for you too.

  • Install an underlay 

    Underlay is identical to cushion but it is more like under carpet. It resists the rug from matting down. With flattening down the rug loses its ability for warding off the spills and stains.

It maintains the positions of the rugs lessening noise and more thermal insulation ensure maximum comfort which you want. Therefore, you will enjoy sitting and walking over it again and again.

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