Various Shades of Burgundy Hair Color & Styles

Various Shades of Burgundy Hair Color & Styles

Burgundy Hair Color – The Art of Coloring Hair 

If you want various shades of red in your hair, then burgundy hair color is a good option.  Burgundy comes in various different shades that not only enhance your look but your complexion as well. Ranging from bold hues to subtle looks – burgundy shade has it all. 

Burgundy is a great hair color choice that goes well with all skin tones. It is a lively and bold shade that gives your tresses a glistening wine shade and enlivens them. Also known as the ‘shade of the fall’, the burgundy shade looks perfect with everyone. 

Burgundy hair color is one of the hottest trends of 2021 and we are pretty sure that this trend is going to be continued in the next year too. After all, New Year is in just three days and who doesn’t want to get a new look! Burgundy is a versatile shade that makes you look drop-dead gorgeous and flattering. Now that we have talked so much about the burgundy shade, let us look at various shades of it that you can go for next year. 

Burgundy Hair Shades – Our Top Recommendations

Burgundy is a dark red shade and the word has its origins in France. People with both warm and cool undertones can wear the burgundy shade. But you need to remember a thumb rule, i.e., warm shades of burgundy are for cool skin undertones and the cool shades of burgundy are for warm skin undertones. This is a rule that you must never forget if you are going for hair coloring. So, now let us begin with the shades of Burgundy.     

1.Deep Purple – Burgundy Shade

This is a cool burgundy shade apt for warmer skin undertones. It is a mysterious violet variant of burgundy that can be styled in an ombre form. This color goes well with black hair. Rather this hair color lifts up your natural hair color. You can also go for lowlights as the color will shine and will look beautiful. Try out this mysterious shade this New Year! 

2. Dark Red Shade

Another cool burgundy hair shade that suits warm skin tones! If you want elegance, then you must go with this subtle hair color. This shade of burgundy is our recommendation for you. This hair color is neither too bright, nor it is too light. You can either go for a global hair color or opt for highlights or lowlights.     

3. Violet Shade

If you love the purple shade, then this hair color is for you. Violet is one of many shades of burgundy that includes a dark concoction of dark burgundy with bright purple/ violet hair color. Just think about your hair accented with magenta highlights. Sounds amazing to us though! This is also a cool hair color and can be applied by people having warmer undertones. Try out this bold shade if you like experimenting with colors. 

4. Mulled Wine Shade 

Oh! Here comes our warm red hair shade! Mulled wine is a warm burgundy shade that looks good with cool skin tones. It is as if you can almost taste the warm spice! If you want a bold red shade then mulled wine shade done with a balayage technique will be perfect to warm up your cool undertone. Try out this perfect shade of burgundy! 

5. Bright Burgundy Shade

Locks that make you look like a goddess – it’s possible with this bright burgundy shade. If you have long tresses, then you are going to outshine in this shade. It is a cool burgundy shade that lifts up your dull mane and makes you look bold and beautiful. We would recommend you to go for global hair color if you are opting for this shade. If you do not wish to go all red, then you can go for subtle highlights that will blend effortlessly with your dark brown or natural black hair color. This is a funky shade that will suit best with warm skin tones. 

6. Light Auburn Shade

This is one of our favorite shades. The light auburn shade in your hair blends so smoothly that it looks just like your natural hair. This shade is appropriate for warm and neutral skin tones. This shade gives a reddish-brown tone that looks beautiful on medium-length and long hair. Not only that, but you can also go for a global hair color. This is a neutral shade that makes you stand out from the crowd and while enhancing your complexion.

7. Metallic Lavender Shade

A neutral burgundy shade that warms your cool undertone! Metallic lavender shade is for the ones who are looking for the right balance between strong and soft hair colors. This shade perfectly balances the shades of your hair and provides you with a perfect look. This shade is fresh and new and we are sure that this shade will become a never-ending trend in 2022. This shade is definitely worth a try. Go for highlights or lowlights to get the perfect balance of the hair color.      

8. Deep Plum Shade

Ladies with olive complexions, hear out! For you, we have a cool burgundy shade that will make you look beautiful like never before! This beautiful maroon hair color mixed with purple tones is one of the best shades of burgundy hair color. This shade adds depth and dimension to your hair and also provides you with an unforgettable look. Best suited with warm undertones, this shade is a must-try!  

9. Red Velvet Shade

If you are keen on experiencing bold and dramatic colors, then this shade is for you! Red velvet is a bright red shade that looks amazing on people with cool skin tones. Generally, this shade suits all skin tones but it looks good with cooler skin tones. This is a dramatic shade that is not for the not-so-daring folks. Try this amazing shade as while fading out, this shade gives you various hues of browns as well. 

10. Black Cherry Shade

This is a hard color to weak on because it won’t show itself much. This looks just like black hair color and is not seen clearly. This shade is a subtle mix of black and red that blends smoothly so that it doesn’t look like your hair has been colored. You can try highlights or balayage on black hair to get a similar effect. This shade is good for people who do not want much change in their looks. It goes well with warmer skin tones. 

11. Magenta Shade 

Ah! Here is a great shade that you must try! A neutral burgundy hair shade that goes well with both cool and warm skin tones! Magenta hair color is here to level up your hair game. This hair shade has a perfect balance of warm pink and cool purple shade that makes it preferred by all women across the globe. It is a funky hair shade that is a must-try at least once for every girl out there!  

So, these are some of the best burgundy hair colors that you can try. You can also combine and make a double shade to give your hair a beautiful and subtle look. For hair coloring, it is essential to use a hair dye that does not damage your hair. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is a natural dye that is infused with Amla, Shikakai, Aloe Vera, etc., which minimizes hair fall and damage done to hair. Use natural hair dyes to get the perfect hair shade.  

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