6 Best Spotify Alternatives for Streaming Music for Free

6 Best Spotify Alternatives for Streaming Music for Free

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Songs are almost everyone’s comfort place, and Spotify is that one app name that comes to most people’s minds first. However, nobody likes those constant annoying ads that Spotify pops in the middle of your songs. If you wish to download MP3 songs legally, click on the source on this link and learn more about how you can download free songs. If downloading and storing songs is not your forte, read below about the best alternative to Spotify. As much as everyone hates those ads, Spotify constantly plays after two or three songs; paying for the premium version would not be everyone’s first choice. So here are six free alternatives to Spotify that are worth a shot.


SoundCloud provides its users with a vast collection of songs and podcasts to stream content and upload some of their own. It is an amazing platform to discover new artists. The service is available on all devices. Unlike Spotify, which only offers limited features to its users in its free version, SoundCloud offers unlimited skipping and shuffling of songs and even downloading of the original tracks. It also allows you to make your own playlists and share them on multiple social media platforms. After learning about all these features of SoundCloud, wouldn’t you want to try it?

YouTube Music

YouTube Music, which was only recently launched and is still under a lot of development, could beat Spotify and soon become everyone’s first music player priority. It allows you to browse through songs and play them as you wish, and it might have more song choices than Spotify. Although you would not be able to escape those dreadful ads, it at least gives you the option of unlimited skips. Isn’t that amazing?


The French company, Deezer, is an excellent alternative to Spotify. It offers around 53 million tracks you can listen to at no cost. The service is available on all devices but works best on mobile phones. It has an excellent user interface and is liked by almost all of its users. Moreover, it provides users with suggestions and playlists tailored to their tastes and choices. The one major problem with this app is that it only gives the option of shuffle play, but this doesn’t sound that bad with all the other benefits.


Music is one of the essential alternatives to Spotify; it is effortless to use. It is a web-based service with radio stations distinguished based on different activities, just playlists of different lengths. Moreover, it’s got a karaoke version, a very cool feature. You also get to create collaborative rooms with other users and even vote for the next song on the list!


If you prefer a playlist stream, Jango is the right place. The app provides many well-compiled playlists, each segregated by genre. Search for any artist or genre, and there you go. Browsing playlists leads to over 800 curated individual playlists, which, unlike Spotify, can be skipped. You may not reflect a song on the playlist, but you can create your station based on your favorite artists and listen to those playlists. Jango is available on all devices.

Xbox Music

If you have a Windows device and want to listen to some free music, Xbox Music is here to help. Unlike Spotify, whose free services have some limitations regarding accessing content and some playback controls, Xbox Music is free to use without any limits. Microsoft’s video and music streaming service offers free streaming with ads and has a massive collection of over 30 million tracks with artist-based radio stations. You can also find Xbox Music on mobile devices, just like Spotify, but there is a lot more than that and free streaming on its web player. However, the web player streaming service is only available for Windows devices.

There are several other alternatives to Spotify, but these are the top six alternatives that can satisfy your music cravings while you work, commute, play, or even relax for free. All these apps have something unique that helps them attract their users. You can try these apps for all the music lovers out there. You can also try some apps that let you listen to music offline. Happy listening! Go ahead and enjoy your music with these apps.


Pandora is another popular Spotify alternative. You can access over a million songs and listen on demand. You can skip songs as you listen and create your own playlists. Premium users can listen to music in high quality without ads. Another alternative to Spotify is Deezer. It also offers free streaming music, high-quality FLAC audio, and on-demand radio. While Spotify’s subscription fees are high, it’s worth checking out these alternatives if you want to avoid paying for subscriptions.


AccuRadio is another great free Spotify alternative. It is unique in that it lets you customize your listening experience with various channels. Unlike Spotify, AccuRadio is curated by human beings. As such, it has nearly 1000 channels spanning 50 genres. In addition to customizable stations, you can also rate songs and create playlists. Moreover, subscribers can upload their own audio to further personalize their experience.

Apple music

Apple Music is another free option for streaming music. It offers 75 million songs, music videos, and live radio stations. You can also download music and listen to it offline using the iTunes app. Alternatively, you can use Amazon Music Unlimited. Despite being free, it costs only eight dollars per month for Prime members. It’s possible to find free music streaming services on YouTube, but the quality is inconsistent and the benefit to artists is limited.

Amazon music

Amazon Music Unlimited isn’t personalized like Spotify, but it works on many platforms. It has desktop apps and web players, as well as integration with TVs, audio products, and Alexa. Its interface is easy to use, and the music library is expansive. And it integrates well with the Alexa voice assistant, so it’s compatible with your home automation system. A free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited is available, which offers two million songs and 60 million on demand.

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