7 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Highlights on Your Hair

7 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Highlights on Your Hair

Highlights are a great way to bring out the best in your natural hair color, whether it’s delicate and sun-kissed or bold and dramatic. We’ve put up this comprehensive resource to assist you figure the best way to colour your hair.

What are Hair Highlights?

When you highlight on your hair, you get a lot more out of it than just adding a little color to it. Make your hair look fuller and more vibrant with highlights. There are a lot of ways that the right highlights can make your hair look thicker, voluminous, and bouncy! A few highlights can even help you frame your face and make your facial features stand out more, too.

They can make you look better and change your hair color!  You can use temporary, semi-permanent, permanent, or demi-permanent hair dye to make your hair stand out. Then there are different ways to highlight your hair, such as balayage or foiling, depending on the look you want your hair to have. So, keep reading to find out seven things you need to know before you get highlights on your hair. Absolutely Ayur hair dye shampoo is the perfect solution for a natural colour.

Types of hair Highlights

Many different types of highlights can be found, and they come in a wide range of colors. This is a list of types of hair highlights that can make your hair look trendy and vibrant.

  1. Chunky highlights: Chunks are thick highlights that add a lot of shine to dull, lackluster hair. One to three inches of thick hair is dyed in dark, bold colors for this look.
  2. Thin highlights: This highlight is used to enhance the color of your natural hair by dyeing a few strands at a time. Thin highlights help to give life to dull, thin hair.
  3. Frosted highlights: There are several different ways to achieve the look of frosted highlights. Short brunette hairstyles look great with this highlight.
  4. Multi-dimensional highlights: Highlighting hair with more than one color is the goal of this style. Your original hair color should complement the numerous shades of hair highlights that you choose to add to your hair. Accentuating the face with multi-dimensional highlights creates a more feminine look.
  5. Dip dyed highlights: Only the very tips of your hair are dyed in bright color when you have dip dyed highlights. All year round, this hair color will look great.
  6. Balayage highlights: As the name suggests, the term “Balayage” translates to “sweep” and refers to a type of natural-looking highlight. To achieve a natural-looking highlight, apply the hair color in a sweeping pattern to the roots.
  7. Shocking fuchsia: To achieve a dramatic and daring effect, this style of hair highlight employs high contrast colors, such as unnatural or harsh streaks. Bold colors in the same style as other highlights like chunky stripes can also help you achieve the greatest hair impact.
  8. Under placement: The highlighted hair is placed beneath the bulk of your hair in this treatment. This hairstyle will give you an edgy and gorgeous appearance.

Dos and Don’ts of Highlights

1. Choose Right Color

You will need to keep your skin tone in mind in order to achieve good highlights. Take a look at your wrist to determine which color will work best for you. Consider hair colour without ammonia also. In this case, if the color of your skin is greenish, it indicates that you have a cool skin tone. A yellowish shade, on the other hand, would indicate that you have a warmer skin tone.

2. Consider Eye Color

Always remember that the color of your eyes and brows play an important role in deciding the proper hair color for you. Many people have cool skin and warm eyes, which is quite common. Then choose a neutral shade to bring both warm and cool tones into harmony with one another. You may have noticed that some people appear to be completely washed out after having their hair dye or highlighted. This is due to the fact that they failed to take skin and eye tone into consideration.

3. Why are you doing it?

Make a decision on your motivation. If you want to cover up gray hairs, coloring your entire head of hair is the best option. Choosing a color carefully is important if you only want the highlights.

4. Remember the thumb rule

Generally speaking, the color of your highlight should be three shades lighter than the color of your original hair. If you’re thinking about getting psychedelic colors like purple, red, blonde, or gold, make sure they’ll look good with your highlights.

5. Choose Your Style

Strawberry blonde streaks provide a richer texture and a more pronounced color contrast. Another option is to go for the Brazilian blonde look, in which streaks are only added to the tips of the hair. This results in a bright, sun-kissed appearance. A growing number of hairstylists are beginning to specialize in this type of style. Don’t go overboard with the coloring or you’ll end up with severely damaged hair.

Keep the majority of your highlights away from your hairline and instead place lowlights around the crown area of your face to give your cheeks a more angular appearance. Draw attention to the lower portion of your hair, from about your ears down, in order to help slim and lengthen your face.

6. Face Features

In the event that your hair extends past your shoulders, lighten the first few centimeters of it a little. Your face will appear smaller as a result of this. Thin streaks spread evenly throughout your hair, along with a few extra-light highlights in the front section, will help to soften a strong, square jawline, according to the experts.

7.  Get a Professional Help

The highlights should be evenly distributed. Don’t color in a hurried manner. If you are coloring for the first time, you should seek assistance from a professional.


If you are doing your hair highlighting for the first time at home, it can be a daunting process to navigate through. Make sure to conduct thorough research in order to determine the best color for your hair as well as the best technique to use in order to achieve the desired look. Last but not least, make sure to follow the maintenance instructions to keep your highlights looking vibrant and fresh.


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