What kinds of products should be packed in Custom Kraft Boxes?

What kinds of products should be packed in Custom Kraft Boxes?

Custom Kraft Boxes with a company’s and its products’ labels and stickers are the best type of packaging devices to use in any market.

People prefer to buy products packed in Custom Kraft Boxes because it is lighter than corrugated fiberboard or cardboard, but sellers prefer Kraft because it is a very cheap and affordable material.


Kraft is not a material that can be used for all types of products. In fact, one cannot say that all types of products can be packed in a specific packaging. There are some items that cannot be packed in corrugated fiberboard or cardboard.



Many products are pack in wholesale Kraft boxes, and in this blog post, we will learn about all of the products that are and can be pack inside Kraft boxes.

Let’s take a look at them:

Laundry detergent

Soap is a widely use product, and people all over the world use a variety of soaps, ranging from ‘everyday use’ soap to beauty soaps and herbal or medical soaps. Soaps, like people, are constantly on the move.

Soap manufacturers always require a large number of boxes and packaging for massive soap supply chain management, display, and branding.

Wholesale Kraft paper boxes are ideal for soap packaging because they are lightweight and dry enough to keep the soaps dry.


If you own a clothing company, you should definitely use Kraft for your garment packaging. The overall flexibility and nature of Kraft complements garments very well, and garments remain protected from natural stimuli.

Stationery & Books

All stationery items, from books to diaries to notepads and beyond, can be pack inside inexpensive and versatile Kraft packaging boxes.

Books and stationery require packaging that is flexible and significantly soft. Kraft provides that softness that cardboard and corrugated fiberboard do not.

This is why people in the paper and stationery industry always prefer Kraft as a packaging material for their products.


Cosmetics are one of the most popular and widely sold products. This packaging is thus a significant challenge, as all cosmetics manufacturers, large and small, require a large number of packaging boxes.


Kraft packaging boxes are ideal for this purpose because they are soft and flexible. It is also effective at protecting sensitive cosmetics from moisture and heat.

Confectioneries & Sweets

Many bakers and confectioners use Kraft boxes to package their delicious products. Kraft is a type of material that protects products from getting wet and absorbs a significant amount of moisture.

It is assume that the sweets and confectioneries are protect from getting wet or moisten. Furthermore, they have various fluids and oils, and nothing could be worse than them dripping from the packaging.

Kraft soaks those fluids and does not allow them to escape.


As a general rule, you can pack everything except heavy items in Kraft packaging. Gift items are not consider heavy products, so they can be pack inside brown wholesale Kraft boxes.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of the products that can be pack inside a Kraft box. If your product is lightweight, you can also package it in a Kraft box.

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