Say Goodbye to Boredom by Adding These Games on Your To-do List Today

Say Goodbye to Boredom by Adding These Games on Your To-do List Today

Boredom is part and parcel of life. We cannot escape it, as we are bound to get bored sometimes. Although boredom itself can be such a blessing in some people’s lives, there should be something that rids people of boredom and lets them entertainingly spend those moments.
With the effortless access to almost everything on the little gadgets we all hold dear (read: smartphones), there are countless things we can do to kill boredom. We can whip out our smartphones whenever we desire, scroll through social media, reply to friends, or go through the camera roll.

However, if you add the following games to your download list, you will never get bored again. These games can hook you up for hours and help you work on your analytical skills.

Let us scroll up and see which games are on our list. We have included PC, online, and mobile games. You can also check out some fantastic VR games here.

The Best Games to Kill Boredom

1- Duet

Duet is a mobile game that is relatively easy to start and is equipped with everything that can keep you engrossed for a long time. It has several levels that throw various obstacle-dodging tests at you. The game takes you through a tumultuous journey of overcoming grief. You keep playing through the levels, and the narrator’s voice guides you at every step.

The ASMR connotations in the game can give you chills when coupled with the realization that the game is all about witnessing how you go through the five stages of grief, known as the Kubler-Ross model. The game is challenging, yet it is the best among the boredom-relieving games.

2: Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a game that makes your boredom go away in seconds! It is a PC game wherein you are responsible for building the whole city. You have to establish and grow your city without making mistakes. From building small houses and skyscrapers to mapping out sewage and clean water lines without mixing, the ultimate goal.

3 papers, please.

Another desktop game that occupies your mind like anything is Papers, Please. It is a great puzzle game that might seem simple during the initial levels, but the more you keep going up the levels, the more this game simulates your attention.
The basic idea of the game is based on the scenario that you are the border agent of a Soviet-adjacent country and have to check people’s papers upon entry. There is no room for casual errors, as your one minimal mistake can have a suspected terrorist enter the country.

4-Star Battles

Another great game to say goodbye to your boredom for good is Star Battles by Unlimited Gamez Mo. It is an arcade game that is supported in various languages. The best part of the game is its simplicity and interesting graphics.

You find yourself in space in this game, wherein you only have to fly in circles while avoiding the enemy ships. The only goal is to survive as long as you can in the spaceship, flying here and there and avoiding a collision. You can also control your speed and have all the fun that you can to kill your boredom.

Marvel: Contest of Champions

Do not let the name of this mobile game fool you into some geeky game that transports you to the Marvel world, positioning you in the city to aid the Marvel Avengers. It is a visually extravagant game that lets you be various Marvel characters contesting each other. This game is perfect for all bored individuals who want nothing complicated to add to their already mind-numbing life problems.

You can choose to be the superhero of your choice and beat your opponent like there is no tomorrow. This game can keep you mindlessly tapping your thumb on the screen.

6: Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack calls out to all the trivia lovers! Unlike any other game, it can put your knowledge to the test and save you from boredom. You can choose the category of the trivia questions and play alone or with an opponent. You can find this mobile game on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

7: Words with Friends

Remember the good old days of playing scrabble for hours? Well, you can relive those times by downloading the virtual version of the classic scrabble. It is a mind-boggling mobile game that you can play with a friend or an unknown person. The goal is to come up with as many words as possible.

8-Track Twister

A particular thing about this Android game that keeps you hooked is that it does not save levels, and you have to start from the beginning if you make any mistakes. The fundamental idea is to keep twisting the train tracks so that the train can move forward.

It is an arcade game that does not let your attention falter for even a second. It is a definite bye-bye to boredom with this game on your Android phone.

9: Candy Crush

There is nothing like the rhythmic sound of hard and soft candies crashing into each other. Candy crush fever might be over, but it is still worthy of inclusion in this list. It is a game that keeps you on your toes as matching the same candies becomes more challenging as the levels increase. Remember to play this game with your headphones on to listen to the sounds of this game and enjoy it.

10- Bullets

It is an intense browser game suitable for people who like to destroy things and hear the sounds of explosions. This game entails fair and straightforward rules: you are given ten bullets, and you have to set off a chain reaction with them.

You get ten bullets only, and you have got to combust the targets and make them explode so that the others are detonated while you still have bullets left. The game is more than just fun. It is relaxing to the core if you enjoy displacing your anger by playing such games.

11: Paint Pop 3D

It is a simple game that does not set complicated goals or missions. The only job you have is to shoot paintballs across a distance to the white circular screen. You have to be vigilant about not hitting the sheet cover in the form of enormous fan blades. The cover keeps on rotating, and you have to avoid hitting the paintball on it.

Your mind is your best friend.

Boredom is nothing extra-ordinary than your mind finding nothing to indulge in. Therefore, the best way to kill boredom is to engage your mind in what you find interesting. Whether it is an arcade game that can lighten up your mind or a puzzle game that can keep your mind working quickly, this list of the best games is all that you need.

Check out these PC, mobile, and browser games, and let us know how effective you find them in killing your boredom in the comments below.

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