Which online exam software is best for an online exam?

Which online exam software is best for an online exam

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, educational institutes and schools are bound to shift towards the online examination. Now, they are conducting exams through exam maker software. It is allowing students to undergo analysis securely. It is leading to an increase in the incidence of cheating. However, students are exploiting the limitations of the remote monitoring abilities of the colleges and institutes to gain an unfair advantage. The common method of cheating in online exams consists of impersonation, utilizing external resources, excessing to web browsers, etc. It is posing huge integrity to academics, which is impacting the student’s learning ability in return. 

So the solution to prevent cheating is locking the browser, setting a time frame, mandating webcam, and screen sharing. Also, preparing multiple sets of question papers on the same subject. However, online assessment software is playing a significant role in maintaining the integrity of the exam. It is making it easy for the teachers to upload question papers and save them securely. Online assessment software does not come in one size fits all. An institute can customize it based on the requirement. But there are many online exams software that is helping in streamlining the entire examination process which is as follows: 

Types of online exam software 

  • Think Exam : Think Exam is a prominent online examination system and leading exam software that offers a convenient mode for conducting exams without any human intervention. It develops a workflow that confirms optimal efficiency to create tests, circulation, and delivery of the exam as well as the calculation of the scores. Educators can design quizzes, assignments, and other material for analyzing the applicant’s knowledge. It also offers remote proctoring solutions and skill assessment without any issue.
  • ExamSoft: ExamSoft is a popular company that offers advanced online test software for maintaining high-level examinations. With a global presence in the market, it is providing candidates and examiners with meaningful data and enhanced examination experience.
  • Creatix Campus: The company offers a cloud-based system that automates the examination procedure. It permits both online and offline modes of exams and generates results without any delay. The institutes and management have access to comprehensive data to determine the performance of the candidates. It has easy to use dashboard and mobile apps for improving learning outcomes.
  • Melimu: Melimu offers virtual learning solutions and corporate training. It allows examination authorities to conduct exams securely. It is cost-effective and has rigid anti-cheating measures. It comes with numerous features such as a lockdown browser, chat support, and a time frame set. It permits educators to design and conduct exams with ease. 

How exam maker software is maintaining academic integrity? 

Witnessing the current COVID situation, examination authorities are relocating their academics and tests online. Because nobody knows how long this online study would be going on. Business schools and colleges are completely dependent on online test software to make examinations manageable. Online

Proctoring Software is playing a significant role in maintaining academic integrity. It confirms the candidate giving the exam through identity verification and complete security during the examination. It is gaining popularity in institutes as it permits students to take exams online. Digital education is not fascinating, but it is permitting students to take the test anywhere and anytime. 

Ways for maintaining the academic integrity 

  • Candidate Authentication: Remote proctoring software guarantees the candidate verification for authenticating the test environment. In this stage, it verifies the candidate by using OTP or IP Address.
  • Browsing data: The examiner can set the number of attempts for leaving the test screen. The exam will be terminated if the candidate leaves the exam numerous times.
  • Advanced control feature: If the applicant is suspected of any suspicious behavior then the invigilator can raise a flag. If the applicant gets maximum red flags then the test could finish immediately.
  • Detailed Report: The remote proctoring software creates a detailed report for both applicant and the invigilator. The report scrutinizes the candidate’s performance at the end of the test. It records the number of flags and events throughout the test. It would display the test results consisting of grades and percentages.
  • End-to-end security: A remote proctoring software offers end-to-end security. It restricts the mobile device use, accessing browsers and someone else sitting during the test. Furthermore, it offers a secure entry point to examinations with no alternative entry method. 

However, proctoring exam does not eliminate the concern for online education. Issues are going widespread. But no single solution can overcome it easily. However, the loss of academic integrity is the crux of the problem. Proctoring is an effective option for securing the crucial features of online education. It is certifying educational institutes to conduct exams safely. Also, maintaining the brand identity and identity of the local communities. 

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