What Is a Socket Set?

What Is a Socket Set?

An assortment of socket sets is a versatile and convenient toolkit accessory that can fit a variety of size and shape fasteners, primarily intended for integration with nuts and bolts. A socket set features interchangeable sockets and attachments, so you can tackle many jobs with it. In addition to taking apart complex machinery, socket sets can also be used for very simple household tasks like joining or disassembling furniture.

So, what is a socket set? What are they used for? Let us take a look at some important information about socket sets.

What is a socket set?

A socket set is a collection of hand-held tools used to remove or tighten fasteners, such as nuts and bolts. The hand-held part of the socket, when moved sideways, can fasten or loosen bolts. A socket set comes with a number of socket heads that can be interchanged to fit nuts and bolts of different sizes.

What are socket sets used for?

Socket sets have a variety of uses in a number of industries and sectors. They are used in various heavy works, such as machine building and construction, as well as DIY projects. So, whether you want to assemble a book cabinet, do some plumbing work, or change a car tire, you need a socket set.

You also need a socket set when you need to change a rusty bolt or damaged nut. But how do you know whether the socket will fit over your nut or bolt?

This is where a set with multiple heads will come in handy.

Different types of socket sets

Socket sets are categorized based on the size of the nut and bolt, or the type of nuts and their shapes. The part of the socket that attaches to the socket wrench is known as the drive socket. Drive socket sizes come in different sizes, such as 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″. The socket part that fits onto a fastener is known as the socket head. The socket head sizes are as small as 3mm and can be as big as 50mm.

Likewise, some socket sets have six sides, i.e., they come with a hexagonal head, while others have eight points and have a square bolt head. The 6-point socket set is also known as the hex socket set. There are socket heads with 12 points that can fit on both hexagonal and square bolts. These are known as 12-point socket sets.

Impact socket sets: In addition to fast rotation and heavy forces, impact socket sets are used with automatic tools, including power wrenches and pneumatic wrenches, so they need corrosion protection.

Imperial socket sets: These socket sets are used to measure nuts and bolts in inches.

Metric socket sets: Metric system sockets are measured in millimeters.

A socket set is always a great addition to your tool box. If you are looking for a socket set, RS Components has an array of socket sets that are available in different drive sizes, drive types, socket sizes, materials, head types, finishes, and brands. To know more about our socket sets and buy the best one to fit your requirements, visit our website.

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