How online proctoring software is improving the quality of education? 

How online proctoring software is improving the quality of education

Online learning has modified the situation for schools and colleges. Despite the various challenges, teachers are adopting this new technology when they are looking for something else. The conventional method of learning has been replaced with online teaching and learning. It is witnessing splendid changes after the emergence of technology is strengthening online teaching and learning. Furthermore, the ongoing health crises have encouraged online education. It has supplemented classroom teaching. Schools and colleges are forced to conduct online examinations in this new normal. Examinations are essential parts of education. Schools, colleges, and universities are conducting online exams on online exam software without compromising the quality of education, convenience, and flexibility. Online proctoring software permits students to give exams without neglecting the quality. 

The online proctoring software confirms students’ IDs and monitors them during the exam through a webcam. It determines that students are not involved in any suspicious activity. It tracks the student’s activity and raises flags if anything is suspicious from the remote location. In amid of covid-19 pandemic, setting up examination was not easy for exam authorities, online proctoring software is prominent for authenticating the exam. Online examinations shouldn’t be overlooked. 

How does online proctoring works? 

An online proctoring software records every session of the exam from end to end. Also, it detects academic miss conduct for example cheating. It consists of an ID scan, face scan, and room scan. Also, it records the image, desktop screen, and chat logs and ensures that student is involved in any suspicious activity. For example, it refrains students from access to a web browser or any other application. It can take action if : 

  • The student leaves the room
  • A person entering a room 
  • Eye and head movement of the examinee 
  • Proxy examinee 

Advantages of online proctoring software 

Online proctoring software allows examiners to conduct and assess exams anywhere and anytime. Here are the advantages of online proctoring software: 

  • Eliminates operational cost: It would cut down operational costs as there is no need to conduct a physical examination and it also reduces transportation costs. 
  • Anywhere examination: With online examinations, universities and colleges can take up virtual examinations anytime and anywhere. 
  • Plug and play technology: Online examination software can integrate with existing infrastructure so that it can reduce the cost of the institute. 

How to ensure efficient online proctoring?  

Online proctoring consist of numerous features such as : 

  • Auto Proctoring: The AI-based solution can track numerous candidates attempting exams. It can assess all the activities happening in front of the camera. 
  • Live Proctoring: The solution is a combination of humans and technology that accommodates the best of both worlds. In live monitoring, the examiner assesses the video feeds and he can intervene if something is found suspicious. 
  • Record and Review Proctoring: It is flexible to the student who is giving the exam. It records the activity of the candidate giving exams like audio-visual, screen sharing, etc. 

Implementing online proctoring 

The prominent online proctoring software offers many options to validate the situation of any institute or university. It is essential to find a solution that fits according to the students learning. It is inconvenient to schedule a complete session without any effective software. Many organizations are offering the best experience for students and teachers. Remote proctoring solutions can integrate with the existing learning management system. 

Assessment is an irreplaceable part of education. It is widely accepted by many universities to assess the learning outcomes of students. It enables the frequent testing of knowledge of the candidate. Also, it regulates self-learning and constructive understanding. It is offering new possibilities for growth and development. 

How can AI implement online proctoring services? 

The exceptional technology is offering a learning system with many ways to securely assess students. It leverages students to give exams anywhere and anytime. The rapid changes in technology are shifting in demands to online proctoring solutions. It is embracing normal practices. The covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the process of conducting exams and evaluation processes. It is playing a significant role in maintaining the authenticity of the exam. Also, it is helping in eliminating dishonesty and tracking the behavior of the candidate. Many institutes are dependent on online proctoring services. 

The online proctoring software is efficient for students to amplify their skills and knowledge. Similarly, it is boosting the productivity of the teachers and helps them to evaluate the student’s learning. It is saving time and effort to a great extent. The advent of the digital era has increased the process of adopting online proctoring exams have increased. Also, it carries out the process in a hassle-free manner. It offers lots of opportunities and it is innovative to maintain the integrity of the exam. Here are the features: 

  • Secure Browser: It restricts candidates to access any web browser, or opening any other application. 
  • Supervision: The candidate needs to tell the IP address of the device as it would block the invalid ID password. 
  • Audit Logging: The exam activities are tracked during the examination. It sends alerts if anything is suspicious. Also, it captures the image of the candidate. It also catches whispering and flipping of the paper. 

Exams are essential for education to determine progress. It drives students to learn a few things and helps in building healthy competition amongst the students. As far as evaluation is concerned, it is making life easier for the teachers as it is easy for them to assess the student’s knowledge and skills. 

Why it is better than classroom learning? 

The conventional classroom consists of a few flaws like students having to travel to their schools and colleges. Classroom-based assessments are conducted under the supervision of the invigilator. Also, they need to carry their ID proof to the school and colleges. As far as the evaluation is concerned, he or she has to evaluate the sheet and submit it to the center. The entire process is tedious and time-consuming. The online proctoring exams offer various options like you can schedule exams anywhere and anytime. You will get the hall ticket by email. You will get the credentials by e-mail and on a webcam, the proctor will monitor the exam. Also, the evaluation is done online and is uploaded to the cloud afterward. 

There won’t be any traveling and comfort of your home, you can give exams. Most importantly, it would eliminate the necessary travel and would generate automated results. It is better than the conventional form of examination. 

Impact of online assessment on education domain 

Online assessment has revolutionized the education domain. It is designed with modern technology and it comprises various advantages like candidates can access to digital question paper and it is encrypted to prevent cheating. It gives precise results and offers fast and accurate result generation. Online assessment allows the student to give the exam from a remote location. Most importantly, it is reducing the operational cost and eliminates the cost of manual evaluation. Exam authorities can conduct a seamless and hassle-free examination. For international students, you can adjust the local time. This would help in predicting the future of the candidate. The online examination offers countless benefits for both students and teachers. 

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