The Fashion Trend in 2024: What is Your Style?

The Fashion Trend in 2024: What is Your Style?

Fashion is a highly dynamic industry where trends come and go almost every day. It is tough to narrow down the yearly trends into a single simple category without the risk of appropriation. Within the same year, it is possible to see radically different styles and trends taking over different parts of the world. So, instead of reducing fashion trends to oversimplifications, it is always better to be open toward multiplicity.

We spent the entirety of last year mostly in our PJs, occasionally changing into a comfortable sweatshirt. However, this year, as COVID restrictions are spreading around the world, people are again going out to their favorite restaurants, movie theaters, and breakout escape rooms in Koramangala to make up for lost time. So, now that the chances of stepping outside for reasons other than getting groceries are acceptable, it is time to get on with the fashion trends this year!

Dopamine dressing, or simply wearing what makes you feel good, is the most popular fashion trend that has taken the global markets by storm. Even if your runway is just the corridor connecting your bathroom to your home office, dressing up for yourself can be a great way to boost your spirits.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top fashion trends that are sure to set the benchmark in 2022.
1. Say hello to comfy sweater vests.
Your comfortable sweater vests are back again to make it a big and snuggly year for them! In the words of famous fashion stylists across the world, a cozy fabric like cashmere knitted in a solid shade is sure to turn a few heads as you walk down the street. Pairing your sweater vest with a button-down ivory or pearl white shirt is enough for a simplistic and comfy look.

Wearing oversized sweater vests is also quite trendy. You can pair it easily with straight or even wide-legged pants, as per your choice, to complete the look. Wearing a mini skirt to go with your oversized sweater vest or even running it with a nice pleated skirt can be a great choice. Pairing them up with a nice and comfortable pair of sneakers can be a good choice. The bold dressing has revolutionized the entire way fashion trends are held up today.
2. The denim on denim look.
Flaunting the denim-on-denim outlook is also a major trend set for the year 2022. Just go back to the red-carpet moment when Spears and Justin rocked the 2001 American Music Awards with their denim-on-denim attire. With monochromatic vibes on the rise, the denim-on-denim outlook is sure to make things way cooler!

With modern and more soothing shades of denim coming up, designers are embarking on a more subtle approach to this trend. Wearing denim of almost the same shade is not recommended. Instead, fashionistas of the glam world would ask you to either perfectly color coordinate your denim outfit or do none of it at all. Stay away from taking the middle ground.
3. Wrap yourself in colors!
This year is going to be all about bright and vibrant color shades. Fashion models who owned the ramp as they walked for Christian Dior or Versace were spotted wearing bright colors from head to toe! A pair of color-popping heels will enhance the overall outlook of your black dress. Clashing different shades of colors to make them pop out, paired with the right accessories, is the key to standing out this season.

You can try out colors like blues and greens or oranges and pinks that would go well together. If you wish to ease your way into this trend, the easiest thing to do would be to get hold of a smock-frock. Add in a pair of boots to complete the outfit, and you can be sure to turn quite a few heads along your way!
4. All things knitted and crocheted!
All hail the knitted and crotched textures! In the words of Denise Campbell, a Brooklyn-based fashion expert, knitted attire has hit the wardrobes amidst the COVID outbreak. Such knitted or crotched wear can be your go-to outfit when you wish to walk around the lawn or even go out for lunch. With these in hand, you are ready to dress up quickly with the least effort. You can even use this as a comfortable and snuggly alternative to your old jogging suit.

The best part about this trendy knitted wear is that it is both luxurious and comfy at the same time. You can even choose to accessorize it with a nice belt and boots to enhance the overall effect of your everyday street style look. However, if you are looking for something more fashionable, simply pair it with a nice long blazer, some heels, and jewelry!
5. Welcome back, pleated skirts!

After ages, the tradition of wearing pleated skirts is bound to hit fashion trends like never before. From elegant maxi or midi skirts to even your favorite miniskirts, the pleated fashionista comes in all designs! It can either be broad or thin pleats on a skirt of your choice. You can wear this with a simplistic blouse or sweater and complete the look with white sneakers or flat boots for an everyday look.

But if you want to elevate your attire to be more elegant, simply pair it with some good heels. You can even use a denim or leather jacket to enhance the overall look of your outfit. Wearing a pair of sneakers with it can also make your outfit look more comfortable. Opting for a belt that makes a statement before others can also help uplift your outlook. Choosing well-coordinated heels or boots can also add a statement to your outfit.
6. Add fringes to your outfit.
The use of tassels and fringes to elevate your entire outfit has become quite trendy this year. This will give you more of a bohemian outfit. Wearing fringed outfits with a gentle breeze blowing can make you the wondrous star of your dreams. Fringed outfits can give your attire a very flattering outlook. Let the fabric fall over those areas of your body where you get self-conscious, and watch how it all gets elevated.

You can now try on these long-line maxi dresses with a few fringes down the side or bottom. Wearing tassel dresses with earthy tones can go well for your summer look this year. Search for some open-knit crotchet tops with some extra fringes to fall over your hips. Pair it up with some nice chinos or even a slim-fit midi skirt to complete your look for the day!
These are some of the top fashion trends that are all set to conquer the markets this year. So, gear up to hit the shopping complexes and stores and grab the right clothes and accessories to make this year yours!
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