Things You Must Know About The Power of Microsoft Power BI

Dive into the world of Microsoft Power BI and revolutionize the way you analyze and interpret data for your business.

What is Power BI?

Business intelligence tools like Power BI are a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your discrete data sources into logical and interactive insights. Power BI connects data sources like Excel spreadsheets to databases, cloud-based apps, and on-premise apps. The Power BI certification course makes it easier to master Power BI, which is far more powerful than Excel, its counterpart.

The Purpose of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is used to run reports and insights connected to a wide range of data sets based on the company’s data. It sorts the information in a way that can be better comprehended. Power BI is infused with machine learning capabilities; power BI helps to generate forecasts, thus preparing the users for future needs.

Utility of Power BI

Power BI is the upgraded level of business intelligence that helps users who demand more reporting power and analytical information. An online Power BI certification course allows you to learn more utility-based tools than Microsoft Excel provides. They are as follows:

  • Information is visualized using more powerful templates, allowing the users to make sense of their data.
  • Being cloud-based, the users get an edge over intelligence capabilities and sensible algorithms.
  • Alerts can be set to keep users up to date with important metrics and measurements.
  • Having an intuitive interface, PowerBI is far more user-friendly and navigates easily through complex spreadsheets.
  • Power BI ensures the safety of the data by offering granular controls both internally and externally.

Users of Power BI

Often used as a self-service tool, PowerBI is primarily used to create data models, which are then pooled throughout a business organization. A Power BI training program trains you in finance, IT, marketing, sales, and human resources.

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The components of Power BI

The Power BI product comprises several apps possessing various features. They are as follows:

Power Query is a connection tool that transforms, combines, and enhances data from varied sources.

Power Pivot is modeling too, which is used for creating data models.

Power View is a visualization tool used to generate interactive charts, graphs, and other visuals.

Power Map is another visualization tool for creating 3D visuals.

Power Q&A is a question-and-answer engine that converts your data into simple language.

Microsoft Power BI Certification Training

The Microsoft Power BI training certificate provides an immersive learning platform for data analysis. You will be able to fetch and share valuable insights from data after certification in the Microsoft Power BI program. It gives deep insights into master data cleaning, data sharing, data visualization, and data collaboration, looking at the different business scenarios.

Microsoft Power BI certification

Microsoft Power BI certification is built on teaching you to simplify the path from data to insights. It equips you with the tactics used for loading and enabling your data analysis. Various powerful techniques that can be learned are as follows:.

  • During the Power BI certification course, one learns to manipulate data language and explore the discrete ways the data can be visualized and turned into interactive reports.
  • Designed for beginners, the Power Bi certification has a comprehensive practical approach and requires no coding. By the end of the course, one is equipped with business analyst skills.

Institutes offering PowerBI courses

Among the various Microsoft courses available, the Microsoft Power BI course has gained popularity over the years. Various institutes are offering Microsoft certifications.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Koenig solutions
  • Henry Harvin’s education
  • Edureka
  • Magnetic
  • Addent analytics
  • Croma campus
  • Knowledge academy
  • Udemy
  • Knowledge hut


The various benefits provided by the Power BI certification are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Learning
  • Practical Practice
  • Maximized and immersive learning
  • Auto-Graded Assessments
  • Advanced apprentice insights
  • Post-Training Sessions

Duration of the Power BI course

The duration of the Power BI training course is a 4-day online course. The Power BI certification course, a 32-hour course, helps you gain expertise in business analytics. This Power BI training is instructor-led and curated by subject matter experts.

The Power BI certification cost

The cost of the Microsoft PowerBI course varies based on the training institute chosen and exam fees set by Microsoft.


Power BI certification can be a game-changer in your career and can bring a lot of opportunities and fast-track your salary growth.

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