Top 6 Mobile Games Which May Be Helpful For Your Memory

Top 6 Mobile Games Which May Be Helpful For Your Memory

As much as they are entertaining, mobile games also come with a heavy load of side effects that include addiction and reduced brain function. If you get too drawn into the game, it can start interrupting your day-to-day life and make you prone to distractions. Whether it is an RPG or something as tame as Candy Crush, the crux of mobile games lies in their unlimited availability. You can keep playing the game for hours on end, and it will still have the next level to accomplish. It takes someone with tremendous self-discipline not to get addicted, even if momentarily, to such a high. If you still need to work on self-regulation, you need to check which games are worthy of the space on your phone and which ones need to go.

Games that force you to think more creatively and remember the little things can be very helpful for sharpening your memory. There are many companies and independent developers who provide intellectually enriching games for mobile platforms. You can even play breakout escape room koramangala for more wholesome mind-bending fun. The point is, if you look around, there are several options for mobile games to choose from that can help your memory and brainpower grow instead of stunting them.

How will mobile games help you grow?

Mobile phones were initially used for communication, but now they function as multipurpose devices beyond the scope of just communication. From handling your daily planner to running a small business, every aspect of our personal and professional lives is regulated by mobile phones. With the upgrading of technologies, entertainment via mobile phones changed in nature as well. Simple graphic-based snake games turned into more complex video games, and today you get to play games that come with elaborate missions, backstories, and sophisticated graphics.

Just as word games enhance your vocabulary, games that require strategy and come with a continuous backstory can boost your skills in memory retention and critical thinking. In a game like an online escape room, where you come across a hoard of clues and information at once and slowly need to sift through them to move forward in the game, it is essential to engage all your concentration into remembering the finer details to solve the mission. When this process is repeated enough times, your brain can develop a wider range of memory retention, even outside the scope of the game.

Top 6 Mobile Games to Help Your Memory

While it is true that playing mobile games in moderation can help you fight their negative influences, a lot of us might not have such an iron grip over our instincts. In that case, looking for games that can entertain us while also uplifting our minds can be a good alternative. Listed below are six mobile games that can help you enhance your memory and sharpen your mind. Let’s take a look:

1. Math Workout:

This is the ideal game for all the math nerds out there. Mathematical skills are important as they relate to almost everything in our lives. As much as we love the “I have spent 25 years on earth without having to calculate compound interest” jokes, it cannot be denied that, from banking to sports to music to media, every perceivable phenomenon on earth is regulated by math.

Math Workout is a game that will help you and your child interact with mathematics and get the chance to grow your interest without feeling any burden. This game is available on Android or iOS. The daily sessions help you practice a lot of questions interactively and progressively.

2.      Sudoku:

Sudoku is the best choice for you if you want to develop a habit of logical thinking. It challenges your brain to think creatively and readily look for solutions. You have to look ahead and follow the trail of consequences to play Sudoku. This game also tests your short-term memory.

While the original Sudoku was played through newspapers and you had to wait for almost one whole day to get the solutions, now you can play it online or through mobile game applications. The benefit of the online version is that if you are a newbie, you can start by playing the easiest level and gradually increase the difficulty once you start developing a hold. It is a mind-training game that is effective for all ages.

3.      Lumosity:

Lumosity is one of the best applications that helps you train your brain and offers mental fitness programs. You can play three games in a day with the free account and keep a check on the results and improvements for better statistics. The fun activities, games, tests, and puzzles help you train your brain without the feeling that you are studying.

This application is available for Android as well as iOS users. This brand also offers some very helpful applications that can help you with meditation and create a mindful atmosphere. Lumosity is a great application to introduce 10-minute productive lessons into your routine. This app ensures that you grow with every second you spend on your mobile phones.

4.      Crosswords:

Do you remember the crosswords we used to play as children? They were a great way to increase our vocabulary and train our brains to gain more knowledge. Solving a crossword puzzle also means constantly learning and remembering what you learned in your last game.

Crosswords also help you broaden the horizons of your thinking and look for the best available options. They can be played online as well as offline. Many applications are available on iOS and Android, which can boost the learning process through crosswords.

5.      Braingle:

This application claims to hold the world’s largest store for brain teasers. With a collection of 15,000+ puzzles, games, and other challenges, Braingle has a strong community of enthusiasts. The game also comes with the option to prepare your puzzle, introduce it to your friends, or play it yourself for a super brain workout. Some other additional features offered by this application include optical illusions, codes and ciphers, and trivia quizzes. Braingle is available on both iOS and Android and can be played by people of any age group.

6. Xperia HD:

This game revolves around the niche of discovery and experimentation, with a focus on the physical sciences. A real genius uses his memory to discover and evolve by learning from his mistakes. The main aim of this game is to stimulate some basic principles like hydrostatic motion and let the gamers manipulate it and evolve from the process.

If you do not understand science, this game will help you learn from it and grow with innovative processes. Free-wheeling and the liberty to do whatever you want will help you grow and increase your memory retention.

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Sometimes, a simple game can make you learn and grow beyond expectations. The games listed above will help you test and improve your memory and even induce a better approach to problem-solving. And the good part is that all of these options are easily available on every operating system and can be downloaded for free. All you need to ensure is that your mobile has enough storage space to allow it to function properly. Now that you know where to get your daily brain boost from, it is time to get gaming!

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