OTT App Development: Tips for Building a User-Friendly Interface

OTT App Development: Tips for Building a User-Friendly Interface


Everyone is after building the next Netflix app! The global Over The Top market is expected to reach USD 490.13 by 2028, from USD 210.13 billion in 2022. Indeed, it is a giant leap of 15.72% CAGR for the 2023-2028 forecast period.

It is a fact that COVID did bring in an excellent opportunity for the online media and entertainment industry. But, there are certain other factors too that made apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and more the big behemoths.

Of course, we all know the answer to how this has become possible. Still, let us state it clearly for you. Flexibility to watch content, widespread use of devices, internet availability, and affordable rates. All these factors have boosted the entertainment genre at its best.

To become part of this unbeatable online engagement platform OTT, one must gear up to lure audiences. As one has to compete with these giants, giving the best OTT services is essential. The crux to entice and attract an audience is UI/UX. You need to ensure that your UI/UX is on point, which helps attract and retain consumers for a long time. Let’s dive into some great tips to build a user-friendly interface.


10 seconds is what you need to grab your audience’s attention.

Improve user experience and increase engagement by designing and curating the best & simple interface. Ensure that you manage a consistent layout with familiar design patterns.

Think as a user.

What will you do after signing in to an OTT platform? Scroll through the recent releases.

You have to plant in some obvious moves that your user base is much more likely to do. In other words, an intuitive move is what you have to design beforehand to manage and prove the user-friendliness of your over-the-top online venture.

To ensure that consumers can effectively navigate, find, and enjoy content, over-the-top (OTT) platforms must prioritize user experience (UX). The overall user experience can be greatly enhanced by adhering to recommended practices when it comes to particular features like slideshows and content organization. The best practices for establishing slideshows, content (horizontal scroll), and comprehending consumer engagement thresholds on OTT platforms will all be covered in this post.

Now, let’s walk through some of the essential UI/UX tips:-

  • To improve user experience, you need to implement visually appealing elements. Place immersive icons, colors, typography, etc. Also, ensure that your chosen fonts are clear and are easy-to-read.
  • It would help if you had a consistent menu that is well-organized and easy to browse. Provide your users with a precise menu display and an intuitive search bar.
  • A responsive design is a must in today’s time. You have to create UI/UX that is easily adapted by every device screen. It should not affect the page-loading speed.
  • You can give your users a personalized experience. Allow them to customize their preferences, settings, etc. Also, study data analytics to know better about your user behavior. Based on such analytics, you can always curate and present them with their ‘you will also like’ or ‘may you also watch’ category.
  • Curate your content wisely. Engage your audience with your movie preferences, taglines, and one-liners with some special effects and graphics on your home page.
  • Adapt HTTP Live Streaming or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming to provide users with high-quality video streaming.

Let’s learn tips for building a great UI/UX for your OTT app development.

6 Tips to Build a User-Friendly Interface for Your OTT App

#1 User interface and navigation

To succeed in the OTT spectrum, you need to create a user-friendly layout and navigation. Remember, first impressions matter; understand your user’s navigation capabilities. Avoid clutter of design; it creates a wrong impression on the users.

Streamline your app’s navigation process. With so much content to showcase, you need to organize your library. Allow users to implement relevant features to get specific finds quickly. Initiate personalized recommendations by viewing user history and preferences.

#2 Compatible with Multi-device and offline mode

Users now stream videos on any device. So, you must curate a multi-device compatible design to reach a wider audience quickly. A successful platform is easily accessible on any device. And also, one needs offline mode for a great user experience. Thus, you can easily achieve online goodwill in no time.

#3 Integrate social media and other third-party platforms

If users can readily share what they see with their friends and followers, they will likely stay interested and subscribe to a service.

Third-party platforms like streaming devices and game consoles can also be integrated to expand the OTT app’s audience and user base.

#4 Robust search feature

There is a lot of content to watch online. And to win over such a cluttered space you need to outstand with your feature placements backed by UI.

Customers must be able to browse and find fresh content fast and easily.

A successful OTT app must include advanced search filters, customized suggestions, and curated content groupings. By simplifying the finding and accessing new content, OTT apps can keep users engaged and coming back for more.

#5 Consistency in design

A consistent design language is a must for your OTT platform. The solution should maintain colors, typography, and other visual elements. Such a balance of design helps in brand identity and a seamless user experience.

Pay close attention to simplicity and clarity while delivering content to users. To help people quickly understand the material, utilize short names and descriptions. Employ high-quality thumbnail photos or video previews to engage consumers and offer them a glimpse of what to expect. Use precise and illustrative metadata, such as genre, ratings, and release date, to assist consumers in choosing what to watch.

#6 Performance optimization

Your OTT app’s performance needs to be optimized to provide a seamless and satisfying user experience. Make sure your software responds rapidly to user inputs and page-loading. To ensure high-quality playback with little buffering, optimize video streaming.

No one likes to wait while watching their favorite movie or want to sit all prepped up in front of a loading screen. So, it would help if you got straight As for online performance.

Indeed, user experience is the king to retain and sustain in the market and beat the competition in time. So, you must be precise with all your offerings and test them a billion times before approving them. You can get the designs approved by planning an MVP or prototype model.


It needs technological know-how, creative vision, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior to build the next Netflix. Developers must leverage advanced analytics, a consistent user interface, and user-specific content recommendations to maximize user engagement.

It will be crucial to establish a strong brand, form strategic alliances, and use cutting-edge technology like AI and AR to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving OTT market. These recommendations can help designers create over-the-top (OTT) software that not only attracts consumers but also supports growth in the future. Invade the digital space with utmost finesse, and deploy your app with great UI/UX. You can also approach an experienced firm that can instantly pull off all your user-related requirements with an immersive UI.

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