What Clients Can Do with Leftover Flooring Installation Tile?

What Clients Can Do with Leftover Flooring Installation Tile?

You were probably persuaded to purchase more square footage than the size of your room if you recently installed a new hardwood floor. You probably have a few extra boards, if not more, laying around now that the job is finished. You might consider what to do with any leftover tile flooring as the dust settles on your new floors.

It’s generally wiser to order more flooring material than not enough. There will be errors even if you measure three times and cut once. Don’t give up. When purchasing your tile flooring, make provisions for common mishaps during the flooring installation. This recommendation is accurate; you can use scrap tiles to test cuts, clean items, and even replace damaged boards. We hope it never has to be that bad!

Why are spare tiles essential?

No one is flawless. Even experienced installers occasionally make a mistake. Additionally, you want every tile to fit exactly because you’ll be staring at these hardwood floors for years to come. Therefore, you could need another tile, and a few cuts might not be accurate.

Manufacturers of floor coverings who are trusted in flooring Calgary will advise you to check each element for flaws before installation thoroughly. Since tile is an artificial product, there are bound to be subtle variances in the grain and stain absorption among boards. These minor defects are usually barely noticed.

Usage of Old and Leftover Tiles

  1. Redefine table tops

For an outdoor project, improve a garden tabletop with leftover tiles to make it more resilient to the elements all year.

Don’t give up on old pieces of furniture; instead, upcycle them. This is frequently more affordable and enjoyable than buying anything brand new. You can take matters into your own hands and restore worn-out, outdated furniture with just a tiny box of tiles and some paint.

  • Craft edgy trays with flooring installation materials.

They’re easy to construct and ideal for presenting snacks to guests or using them as a display for dinnerware.

Serving boards and sideboard trays are common decorative items that are used as finishing touches in homes. The eagle-eyed among your friends will note it fits the rest of your home, so get inventive and make yours the ideal showpiece by utilizing leftover tiles.

  • Install a shower mirror featuring mosaic tiles. 

How can you use your Calgary flooring materials for good once and for all?

Home Flooring Store Calgary recommends you focus on the mirror and the mirror on the bathroom wall. How about a chic tiled mirror?

Think about a luxurious specimen adorned with pastel blue and purple square mosaics. Apart from this contemporary aura, you may even opt for abstract mosaic appearances laid out in a block pattern.

All you need is some patience, white grout, and premium tile adhesive. Soon, there will be other things to look at besides your mirror.

  • Plan for some tile placemats and racks.

Laying a table to complement your décor is the ultimate challenge for those of our flooring consultants who are crafty. Making your own tile racks and placemats may make excellent use of spare tiles.

We adore the concept of utilizing marble hex tiles as coasters; just attach a piece of velvet to the tile’s backside to prevent scratching furniture or other surfaces.

They look stunning.

  • Renovate an old headboard.

Simple to fit into curved designs like this vintage headboard and footboard are inexpensive penny tiles. To start with, your furniture piece should be cleaned, primed, and painted with the chosen color. Once the paint dries off, arrange the tile sheets on your project while working on a level surface.

We suggest you place a paper template on the top of the headboard and footboard. Flooring Calgary experts use this to cut the tile sheets to size. Using spacers as necessary, adjust the tile sheets on the furniture, and then use painter’s tape to mark the order. Discard the tile. Use painter’s tape to shield painted areas.

  • Put some color on the fireplace.

You simply need a few extra tiles to produce lovely results, whether you’re coloring in a fire surround or illuminating the hearth of an abandoned fireplace.

Beautiful lime green hand-painted wall tiles have been introduced to homes where the fireplace used to exit. The Home Flooring Store in Calgary possesses ideas for delivering premium solutions. Now it can turn into a cheerful and exciting children’s room!


We hope that you liked all the fresh ideas on how to use leftover tiles. Hard flooring solutions alone do not sum up our flooring expertise in Calgary. Our company has earned a widespread reputation over time and has connected with skilled manufacturers to normalize 5-star customer service. Services offered by the team are customizable as per client-specific instructions.

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