10 Biggest Network Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Biggest Network Security Mistakes

Don’t you take precautions in your daily routine? How about keeping the first aid at homes, having airbags in cars, improving the overall security of workplaces, and installing CCTV cameras.

Then what are your reasons for not considering network security seriously? Maybe not enough knowledge of authentic software, its operating methods, and functionalities. Whatever it is, still committing network security mistakes can sometimes cost you a lot. Only learning and implementation of techniques can improve and overcome these issues.

What is Network Security?

Network security includes different methods and procedures implemented to protect data from unauthorized access. It improves security by monitoring unethical activities like hacking, breaching, and misusing personal or professional information. Also, all three components, software, hardware, and cloud services, play an important part. Various antivirus software, VPN encryptions, troubleshooting applications, etc., helps reduce the chances of becoming a victim of data threats.

10 Big Network Security Mistakes

Here is what you should ignore to improve secure networking:

1- Don’t Use Same Password

One of the most common mistakes is to use the same password for more than one account. Many people do this because they want to remember their passwords easily. But in reality, this is an open invitation to the scammers to get access to all the accounts.

  • Never go for the same passwords. It increases the chances of getting hacked even after doing all the safety measures.
  • Choose more than 8 characters for a stronger password. Also, include upper and lower case alphabets with characters.
  • Avoid using common and easy passwords.

2- Laziness in Updating Software:

Do you remember the last time you updated your laptop or mobile software? Sometimes, working on strict deadlines makes it hectic to keep in mind the software updates. This cost the users later. The unexpected credentials attacks make the protection of information difficult and complicated to save them.

  • The only solution to maintain privacy is to download the software on time.
  • By installing the latest versions.
  • There are fewer chances that hackers can do harm to your website.
  • Updating software instantly fixes security issues.

Don’t procrastinate on the beneficial things for your improving security purposes.

#3- Relying on Public Wi-Fi Connections:

It is strict about making network security mistakes and allowing others to invade your private data. We all do this when our internet connections are weak—using public Wi-Fi like in restaurants, bookshops, cafes, gyms, sports clubs, etc. You are given access to some of your information. Not every time, but in the majority of cases, this data is helpful for the attackers. They somehow manage to save it and get access to your accounts.

To overcome this issue:

  • Don’t share any important files or make payments.
  • Try to log out from all the devices.
  • Ensure using VPN to be on the safer side

4- Downloading Unknown Email Attachments:

Accepting email attachments from unknown resources could be the reason for poor security maintenance. Users ignore these activities in a busy schedule and start downloading by assuming it is official emails.

Attackers are getting smarter. You have to realize how you can stop the ongoing activity with the help of detecting tools.

  • Refrain from downloading every email attachment in your mailbox.
  • Try to spend a few minutes and read all the details mentioned.

5- Not Blocking Unnecessary Pop-Ups:

Notifications from different websites bother me a lot. Users often click on the pop-up links, which redirect to a new window saying to upgrade your system or improve its security.

Remember, as per the best logo design UK company no need to waste energy on these links. If you personally search for some methods of additional security.

6- Ignoring Two Factor Authentication(2FA):

Two-factor authentication is one of the great ways to access your professional or personal account. By activating this feature.

  • You can easily receive codes on the email address or phone, depending on which option you have selected. If you find any confusion that the login is not from your account. Simply don’t allow the process further.
  • Other than username and passwords, 2FA is a kind of the second credential required to access the device. It improves the overall process by adding an extra security layer. Many people don’t know how this works. This is why they ignore the dual factors and make network security mistakes.

To understand it further, if you are using bank cards, and on every transaction, whether online or at an ATM, it will ask you to enter the PIN. The same goes for two-factor authentication.

7- Giving Less Importance to Antiviruses:

Note that lacking knowledge about antiviruses is the biggest issue. Finding out suitable software that can provide protection to your system will be a great idea. Neglecting its importance is the beginning of network security mistakes and continuing the process without downloading the right antiviruses to reduce malware activities.

8- Clicking Doubtful Links and Sites:

Yes, we randomly click many links without even knowing the consequences. This is the trick to hack accounts. Few of the links will say that this is very useful for your website or suggest you modify the settings. Sometimes, a simple random video can also be harmful to your system. Don’t fall for the trap.

Stay protected while browsing:

  • Never open the blocked websites.
  • At the URL’s start, find S in Https or look for the green icon. Both indicate security.

9- Paying no Attention to Data Breaching:

It’s unprofessional to consider beaching security not a problematic factor. You cannot close your eyes even after knowing the cons of unsecured network sites. Taking timely decisions would be good.

Keep in mind that the very first time when you observe any unethical activity, pay attention. See the red flags closely. If your account gets logged in from different devices, don’t take it lightly. Take action promptly.

10- Neglecting Webcam Security:

The built-in webcams can create problems. To avoid making network security mistakes, disable the webcam features when you are not using them. Taping it won’t be the proper solution, as it is commonly hard. Keeping in action when it is not functional would be threatening.


From little steps to big methods, everything has its importance. You cannot skip any security measures in between and jump onto another process if you don’t pay attention now. The outcomes will be risking the whole data losing clients’ contacts and much more you can ever imagine! No one can save you from the drastic aftermath.

Do what you think is beneficial for your increased security. There are different scenarios and not each of them fits everyone’s current situation. Think wisely and start acting practically. Remember, your today’s decision will be helpful for future endeavors.

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