How to Save Money by Renting a Fence

How to Save Money by Renting a Fence

Responsible citizens have fences. Even if that is unquestionably oversimplified, it is accurate. Fences delineate limits, establish boundaries, and safeguard property. For those working in construction, a temporary fence is a godsend. It helps you be a good neighbor and will cost you less money in three different ways.

Here are a few ways a fence can help:

  • Safeguarding of Property

Temporary construction site fencing prevents intruders, reduces the risk of injury to spectators, and reduces the probability that your assets—building materials, tools, and supplies—will be forgotten, lost, or stolen by clearly delineating the site and establishing visible boundaries.

Renting a construction fence is a relatively inexpensive project compared to the potential losses. It might assist you in keeping to a strict timetable and keeping tabs on project costs.

  • Insurance Aspect 

Battlefield Supply Corp. contractors install the right fence panel installation to protect the site and property from trespassers, ensure that only authorized workers and guests are there, and ensure all necessary security and safety measures have been implemented.

By themselves, those actions might entitle you to lower insurance premiums. Construction fencing is undoubtedly a means to show compliance with the regulations for identifying hazardous work areas and limited access places, and it may result in lower liability insurance prices.

To find out if there are any direct financial benefits you can claim, check with your insurers and the relevant government agencies.

  • Adherence to penalizing regulations

Although every jurisdiction and regulatory body has its own set of rules, many of them call for a temporary fence. It is your responsibility to be aware of the practices and to follow them, whether your project is a little one in a residential area or a big one for a business in the downtown area. Litter management is one of several valid justifications for mandating a temporary security fence in Calgary.

You don’t want to be “fighting city hall” when a fence is necessary by law or custom. Avoid taking a chance on the penalties, additional costs, potential job stoppage, and public liability that might come from non-compliance.

Five Amazing Ways to Save Money When Purchasing a Fence

The cost of different fence installations can vary greatly; sometimes, homeowners pay three times as much as they need to to get the ideal fence rather than one that is 10 times as excellent.

You may lower the overall cost of erecting a fence if you accept a few minor compromises regarding the result, your time commitment, and the deadline.

The following are some suggestions for how to purchase a fence while saving money:

  • Reduce the materials whenever you can.

You can reduce the number of materials needed for the project by lowering the fence’s height at various spots. This reduction will also impact your bottom line.

Using gaps between materials rather than having them attached is another way to reduce the amount of material used.

  • Develop a plan to avoid errors.

Planning prevents subpar performance. You should have a clear plan of what you want to achieve for us to understand precisely what you are looking for and where the boundaries are if you want to avoid making mistakes.

  • You must construct in the off-season. 

For Battlefield Supply Corporation, the fall and spring can be hectic. Customers mostly look for fence panel installation before the summer or complete the project before the winter, as the weather turns nasty after this time. We provide various schemes during the sluggish months, as our suppliers usually have extra inventory to sell.

  • Explore less expensive materials.

If you have a limited budget, you should consider switching to a significantly less expensive material. The most expensive material is wrought iron, which is both expensive to create and very expensive to export.

Chain-link fencing is less expensive since it requires so little material to create a safe zone for your children and dogs to play in. Chain link is also relatively quick and easy to install, which further lowers labor expenses.

Battlefield Supply Corporation Calgary: Insights 

We always comply with the rental standards. Most fence systems will come with standard components, colors, gate widths, and heights. A basic product is always less expensive than a customized one, which can call for different installation, painting, powder coating, or other alterations. Additionally, you’ll have to wait longer for the item to be delivered, and if there are any errors in the ordering process, you might have to spend a lot of time worrying about fences.

A nice fence gives your yard privacy, makes it safer for kids and dogs, and improves the appearance of your house. Make sure to thoroughly weigh your options and select a product that will provide you with excellent, trouble-free service for the longest time.


Call us to receive a quotation if you require a temporary security fence in Calgary at a large construction site, a small section of chain link, an orange fence or silt fence protection, or long-term security. We’re prepared to assist you in achieving your goals.

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