Incredible secrets about OCR and OMR that make them unique 

Everything is digitized; now gathering information is no longer a manual process. Before digitization, collecting data was paper-based. Luckily, there are many ways to save the information and transform it into a digital format. The information should be saved in a specific manner. OMR Solution is one of its best examples. OCR and OMR are leading technologies for saving data and analyzing it for generating reports. OMR is a simple function that works on an optical scanner to detect marks on paper. The OMR software quickly analyzes the data.

This system helps in printing, scanning, and printing OMR sheets. It uses both hardware and software. The OMR software is known for its accuracy and time-saving features. During the pandemic, conducting physical exams was difficult for examination authorities. Also, to maintain the authenticity of the exam, Since the advent of this technology, it has been widely used in various industries. As far as the OCR is concerned, it identifies the character from the physical document. Also, it determines the marks on the character. OCR is mainly used for data entry purposes. There are many software and applications that perform the same functions. The primary function of the OCR is to convert text into data.

There is one commonality between OCR and OMR: both technologies are used to capture data. It gathers the contextual material.

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What is OMR?

OMR stands for optical mark reader or optical mark reading. OMR is a method of collecting information by determining the marks. The OMR process is attained with the help of optical scanners that examine the reflection of light through the paper, resulting in less reflectivity. It extracts the useful data marked in bubbles with complete accuracy. OMR scanners can scan thousands of documents in less time and maintain 99% accuracy. Competitive exams in schools and colleges are dependent on OMR solutions. Not only that, for surveys, questionnaires, and course evaluation, OMR is used. It allows a respondent to write the answer in the bubble. Moreover, OMR captures ID number, name, and non-multiple choice data.

OMR technology has been evolving for a long time. Conventional OMR sheet reader software requires special scanners and printers for printing OMR sheets. Also, it was expensive and time-consuming. As far as the OMR solution is concerned, it is less expensive and saves a lot of time. OMR scanners can read a thousand sheets at a time. It has become popular over time. Large testing centers are dependent on the OMR software for evaluation of the sheets because they are versatile, accurate, and capable of reading marks. It has a built-in feature for report generation.

What is OCR?

OCR stands for optical character recognition. OCR automates data extraction from printed or written text. Also, it converts the text into a machine-readable format for data processing. It can process digital files such as receipts, contracts, financial statements, etc. Generally, businesses deploy OCR for converting images into text to manage the incomprehensible data. OCR technology is in demand as it eliminates manual work, saves resources, and reduces errors. It can also do the formatting of the text. OCR is a robust solution that handles multiple types of data. It can read any type of score or serial number that you need to digitize. OCR does the image processing, removes the unnecessary distortion, and enhances the specific image.

OCR ensures high accuracy by post-processing and improving the final outcome. It is useful to determine the long-tailed name and numbers, as serial numbers are used in many industries. OCR improves the readability and success rate of the exact outcome. Moreover, it can speed up the registration process.

Difference between OMR and OCR

There are a few differences between OCR and OMR, which are as follows:

  • Utilization: OMR is used to collect data from printed symbols, and OCR is used to scan any type of data.
  • Scanned fonts: OMR has dedicated symbols, and OCR comprises a variety of shapes and texts.
  • Track Time: OMR sheet reader software tracks the time required, whereas OCR does not track any time.
  • Accuracy: It is more accurate, whereas OCR is less accurate.
  • Document storage: Document storage is not possible in OMR. You can store a document in OCR.
  • Dependability: OMR depends on the positioning of the marks, whereas OCR depends on the shape of the marks.

Hence, OMR software detects the marks in the printed form. Whereas OCR changes the shape of the printed form, Both technologies are similar to each other in some manner. The only difference is that OMR is based on symbols and OCR is based on characters. They both have hardware and software components for converting text into digital format. Also, they both have different uses, benefits, and limitations. It completely depends on what an organization is looking for. Every company has different requirements for choosing technology. OMR software caters to every industry for printing, designing, and scanning OMR sheets and evaluating the scores for generating results.

Why did CBSE prefer OCR sheets instead of OMR sheets for conducting exams?

According to the CBSE guidelines, schools are required to conduct OMR-based exams. This form of examination would help them to maintain transparency and accuracy during the exam. Most of the schools were skeptical about this technology, as there was no proper solution for conducting this form of examination. After the advent of technology, schools were dependent on OMR software. It is accurate and fast. OMR allows students to select the answer to the given question.

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