Tips for Boho interior designing

Tips for Boho interior designing

Interior design refers to the choice of colors, furniture, and other home décor items available that can be used to decorate the house. There are a number of options to choose from, ranging from the classic style, contemporary style, boho style, or bohemian style, to a lot more. In this article, we discuss tips for a good boho interior.

What is a boho interior design?

Boho interior design, or Bohemian interior design, is a more carefree form of interior design that can be referred to as a lack of structure and a design that is layered in patterns, texture, and color. Bohemian interior design is a free design; no rules are followed in this kind of design, as they are in minimalist or modern interior design.

This style was introduced in the 19th century in Paris, France, by artists, nomads, and writers who believed that creativity was more important and valuable than money.

Tips for boho home renovation and home addition:

  1. A blend of subtleness:

A boho home interior is a rule-free form of designing the home with different colors, textures, patterns, and layers without holding any desire back. It involves a tint of subtleness by adding eclectic shades rather than standardizing shades.

  1. Basic and neutral shades are used as the base.

The boho style includes the use of neutral shades as the base on the wall so that other bright colors shine on the base. Basically,  the boho style is playing with colors and textures; therefore, in order to make the colors shine, light shades are used as the base.

  1. Inviting and warm feeling

No matter what colors or patterns are used to decorate the house, they must offer a feeling of comfort and warmth to the house. The house must feel comfy, inviting, and relaxing to the people who live in it.

  1. Use a variety of textures.

The boho style involves adding a number of textures and shapes to the design, such as using various layers of rugs made of fiber, buying baskets to stuff things into, or maybe buying macramé wall hangings, planters, and pots, and combining all of them together until all of them look good together in a combination.

  1. Include low-level seating

The boho style includes more of an informal space for relaxing and chilling, so low-level seating seems fit for such a setting. Floor pillows, leather poufs, and bean bag chairs pull off the look really well and make people sit down and rest for a while.

  1. Use a minimum of black

Black is more of a formal color; it does not provide the feel of relaxation unlike the other light colors. In order to get that stern boho look from the interiors, this tip must be kept in mind: black should only be used to highlight the décor, but its use should be really minimal.

  1. Add plants

A boho look is the one that makes the interior shine out with cheerfulness and energy. Plants are a good source of liveliness; they are life in themselves; therefore, plants are a necessity in order to give a boho look to the design. Instead of just using pots on the corners of the house, plants can also be hung in the lobby of the house.

  1. Mixing light

Chandeliers, candles, string lights, etc. can be used to beautify the look of the house. There is no hard-and-fast rule for choosing lights, but natural-looking fiber lights look best in a boho style.

  1. Layer rugs and patterns

Layering rugs gives another funky yet warm look to the design of the house; layering a vintage rug over a natural jute rug makes it stand out; or different rugs can be paired with each other that belong to the same color family.

Apart from this, a lot of patterns can be used in designing the house, but there must always be space for resting the eyes; otherwise, there will be an overload of unsymmetrical patterns. There must also be a blend of warm and cold colors to balance out the look of the design. The color combination must be kept in mind while combining any two items, such as a colorful tapestry, which should be paired with a neutral-looking sofa so as to avoid an overburst of colors. Incorporate the same approach for other items on the sofa, such as the throw pillows.

Vintage and handmade items can be added to make the décor shine even more, depending on what suits your pocket. At the end of the day, it is more about doing what you like with the design of the house; it is about style; it is about creativity; that is why it is bohemian style, the carefree style.

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