How to Choose the Best Cloud Video Streaming Solution

How to Choose the Best Cloud Video Streaming Solution


Opting for a suitable cloud video streaming solution is crucial to be successful in the modern video production industry. The trends of 2021 cloud computing results show that businesses continue to accept hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies and are heightening spending with vendors all over, showing a higher than anticipated cloud usage because of the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Optimizing the present cloud usage stays at the top of companies 2021precedence for the fifth year, succeeded by migrating additional tasks to the cloud. Cloud video streaming platforms usage is growing at a very fast rate, users’ adoption of Azure is coming closer to leader AWS.


What Is Cloud Video Streaming ?

So, what is cloud video streaming? A cloud video streaming service stores and streams video data in the cloud. A high-quality cloud video streaming service hosts video delivers it efficiently when you require it, is scalable, and can reach millions of people with the content.

One of the best examples of a platform that grew hugely on the cloud to offer a better viewing experience is undoubted, YouTube.

These days, small businesses also use cloud video platforms to get their customers to feel connected to the brand and make them closer to their mission in the domain. This extra human interaction can propel their marketing methods to the next level.

With cloud scaling, cloud video hosting platforms can expand their bandwidth to offer enhanced video streaming viewing experience and performance. Some startups offer secure online video platform streaming services to enterprises that would like to support this tool but are not equipped with the needed interface. As most enterprises do not have networks robust enough of managing video streaming and traffic, there is a great demand for protected video streaming platforms and cloud scaling. There is a great demand for this service in the cloud video streaming solution market.

Advantages of Cloud Video Streaming Solution & Why Use a Cloud Video Streaming Solution

Given below are a few benefits of cloud video streaming:


When your video content is stored in the cloud, it is simpler to access. The Content can be streamed at a restaurant, coffee shop, or even at home – wherever there is the internet, you will get access to videos and communicate with them.

Limitless Storage Capacity

A cloud streaming service cost-effectively enables limitless storage of data. Cloud servers enable backup and data archiving, so there is no concern even if some files are deleted. Growth limitations are an extreme restriction of on-premise servers, but owing to cloud storage, capacity is unlimited.

Minimum Set Up Time & Readily Playable

This is one of the best benefits of making use of a cloud streaming server. Compared to on-premise servers, making use of a cloud server boosts the process of setting up and being included in your storage abilities. With the help of cloud storage, you can begin streaming in a matter of days or hours, based on the capacity involved.

Data Protection and Security

A cloud video streaming solution online service provides baseline security tools which include access control, data encryption, and user verification. When these measures are ensured and are in place, it is crucial when the related data includes intellectual, original and copyrighted property such as audio and video content. Cloud servers make it feasible for instant website content mirroring which enables improvement of site safety and its surplus.


This is one of the best benefits of a cloud video streaming solution provider. VoD content can be scaled as data capacity increases or the capacity goes down as and when required. This is possible in a matter of moments. With the help of a cloud server, mission-intensive tasks run faultlessly while you expand your business. When data is stored in the cloud, storage costs are saved which does not apply to, physical servers.


Nothing affects the success of a business like poor quality and incompatible reporting. In a cloud streaming format, all documents are saved in one location and one format. With all getting access to the same data, you can maintain data consistency, avoid errors, and have a definite record of any updates or reworks. Managing data in silos can result in employees mistakenly saving separate versions of documents, which results in confusion and information which is diluted.

How Does Cloud Video Streaming Works?

Cloud video streaming makes use of a server network that delivers and hosts the video. When you are available to upload or live stream a video for viewing, the service you have opted for will transcode the video to optimize and make it ready for transmission. The content will be transcoded to HLS and immediately made available.

 High-End Features of Cloud Video Streaming platform


To ready your video to be delivered or hosted, it is beneficial if it is optimized for the internet. A few cloud video streaming services guide you in preparing your video, but a few services are inclusive of transcoding. As HLS is supported widely, probably your video can be transcoded to HLS.

Video Player –

Cloud video streaming has a video player. The most common and popular is HTML5 video players – Netflix also uses HTML5 as a video player.


Based on the angle of the cloud video streaming service, monetization is a part of it so in this way you can monetize your content, or it is inclusive so the service can perform content monetization of what it shows you. It depends on who directs the monetization.

Video analytics

A beneficial feature of a cloud video streaming service is analytics. Regardless of the type of platform, understanding how it is used is useful. If you are looking to build a secure video platform, the more analytics the better it is. Services such as YouTube or Vimeo offer you a few analytics.

Content Delivery Network-

A secure video hosting for business is only as effective as the content delivery network. Presently, large companies ensure that their servers process all kinds of content easily including video. When talking of video, the best content delivery is from CDNs which are optimized and designed to manage video. A lot of well-known streaming services do this already with their servers by providing their own CDNs.

Privacy and Security

All customers and users require privacy for personal data and the feature includes security and privacy options. If a person pays to view content on a DRM-protected video streaming service, they would be eager to know that not anybody can use their account without them knowing about it. In a setup when a person is creating their own service, they would like to select how to limit and present their content on their platform.


Whether you want to know about streaming, gaming, or live video, cloud computing plays an essential role in offering a premium experience. The focus is on the experience of the end-user. Password-protected video streaming platforms will continue to include cloud technologies to offer better outcomes.

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